Hillary Clinton, still in wild-eyed obssession about Trump and Putin

Has Hillary Clinton taken one too many walks in the woods?

She's starting to sound outright crazy, in a podcast with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to The Independent of London:

Former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, have suggested that Donald Trump might have been in contact with Russian president Vladimir Putin on the day of the deadly riots at the US Capitol, and called for a “9/11-type commission” to investigate the events of 6 January.

Speaker Pelosi was in conversation with Ms Clinton for the podcast ‘You and Me Both’ on Monday, when the former secretary of state said she would love to see Mr Trump’s phone to see if he had been talking to Mr Putin on 6 January — the day of the riots.  

Ms Pelosi responded by saying “Putin wants to undermine democracy” of America and with Mr Trump “all roads lead to Putin”. She said the Capitol riots were a “gift to Putin” and the people who stormed the building were “Putin puppets.”
So it's like the Mueller special counsel probe, staffed 100% with Clinton partisan lawyers and effectively commissioned to Get Trump on Russia, which came up empty, never happened. 
Or the Inspector General's report, another bollixed-up failure for the Russia collusion crowd which noted significant FBI failures, vanished.
Or the Senate intelligence committee's report, once again finding no Trump-Russia collusion, even existed.
Huge amounts of time, extending nearly the length of the Trump presidency, as well as tens of millions of dollars ($35 million for the Mueller report alone) had been expended to prove that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, yet they all came up with nothing, process crimes or unrelated crimes from a few officials at most.
The central charge, of Trump colluding with Putin was nothing but a made-up call, cooked up by Democrat operatives, based on assorted WikiLeaks, in a bid to deflect news of Clinton's security lapses from her illegally used private server and her emails. That was what the Ratcliffe report found and there have been others. Yet despite this invented narrative, shocking for its falsity against a president of the U.S, all that was ever exposed in the probes that followed was Hillary Clinton's own Russian collusions. Nothing, absolutely nothing, on Trump was ever found.
This claim is really old and a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Yet, Hillary still persists.
Even without those discrediting reports, the proof of its falsity can also be found in the Trump presidency.
The dirty little secret, as it was called, of the foreign policy crowd, as noted by CNN commentator Fareed Zakharia, was that Trump was hell on the Russians. 
You know, the dirty little secret about the Trump administration was that while Donald Trump had clearly had a kind of soft spot for Putin, the Trump Administration was pretty tough on the Russians. They armed Ukraine, they armed the Poles. They extended NATO operations and exercises in ways that even the Obama Administration had not done. 
Trump also expelled or refused to renew visas of hundreds of Russia's diplomats and foreign correspondents, seized Russia's consular properties, sanctioned Russian human rights violators, froze assets, armed the Ukrainians, and roadblocked the onetime superpower in huge ways on the Middle East which included undermining its longtime ally Iran.
Worse still for them, Trump achieved America's energy independence, which was a crushing economic blow for petrotyrant Putin. Joe Biden's plan to restore American energy dependence by shutting down fossil fuels is a big gift to the Russians, as is his plan to make nice with Iran. 
Do colluders deliver geostrategic death blows to their supposed patrons? Do they hire people like heavyweight Putin critic Fiona Hill? If you're colluding, presumably you'd help your puppetmaster, not cut them off at the knees. Trump did precisely the opposite of help Putin as president, and any credible diplomat knows that you watch what counterparties do, not what they say.
You'd think that as a former Secretary of State, Clinton would have a take that was more serious on that front. Diplomats know what happened. Hillary still thinks Trump had to be on the phone during the riots to take instructions from Putin. 
More disturbing still, as these investigations went on, the evidence piled up that both Clinton and her Democratic colleagues, did a lot of colluding with Russians on their own. The Clinton Foundation, for one, was rife with pay-to-play setups for access and influence on U.S. foreign policy, including the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia-aligned interests. As reporter John Solomon noted, Bill Clinton flew to Moscow to collect an "eye-popping" $500,000 for a single speech from Russian-linked interests. Meanwhile, the abandoned laptop of Biden's son Hunter revealed that a $3 million payment was delivered to Camp Biden by the wife of the mayor of Moscow, a known Putin ally, at whose funeral Putin eulogized.
Sound like Trump was the one colluding with the Russians? Is Hillary serious?
All of these events were big news when they happened, and yet still, Clinton is propagating the ridiculous, lunatic, utterly improbable claim that Trump was on the phone taking instructions during the Capitol riot from Putin.
It's the most unserious, baseless, lunatic claim, with zero evidence, and on the foreign policy front, zero probability. Yet still she persists, spewing out the most fantastical of utterly discredited tales -- to the third most powerful person in government, a woman who's just as truth-challenged as she. This person is a former Secretary of State? This woman she was making her claims to is the Speaker of the House? And the Speaker of the House was egging her on and nodding?
Anyone sane should shudder.
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