The vaccine shows that, for Democrats, politics always override ‘principles’

It’s been fascinating watching the Democrats’ response to the announcement that we’ll soon have vaccinations for the Wuhan virus. Not only are they ungrateful to Trump but, as Nancy Pelosi incoherently revealed on Friday, when she said all was good now thanks to Joe Biden, they’re also turning their backs on their previously expressed fears of genetic modification.

Donald Trump, who put Operation Warp Speed into place, promised voters that he would have a vaccine by the election. When that didn’t happen, the anti-Trump mainstream media could not have been smugger about his failure.

However, in an amazing bit of timing, immediately after the election, the drug companies announced that they did, in fact, have vaccines ready. Pfizer was the first out of the box, with Moderna following soon after.

It’s worth pointing out here that the pharmaceutical industry, as Trump himself has said, does not like Trump because he’s signed executive orders that make drugs more affordable to Americans and, inevitably, less profitable for pharmaceutical companies. It probably there wasn’t a coincidence that Pfizer’s executives, rather than notifying President Trump that they had a market-ready vaccine against the Wuhan virus, instead called The Pretender Biden to let him know. Trump found out about the vaccine from the news.

The fact that Donald Trump, by cutting through red tape, did what everyone said was impossible – getting a vaccine to market in well under a year – was not lost on Democrats. That’s why they have been going out of their way to praise Biden for his (hypothetical) vaccine response. Nancy Pelosi’s garbled statement on Friday exemplifies this response:

If you didn’t understand her convoluted ramblings, Pelosi said that, while she may have blocked a coronavirus relief package for months because Trump’s counteroffer offer was too small even to negotiate, she’ll accept a still smaller package because of the vaccine that Biden can distribute to America. It’s the Biden factor that’s the gamechanger.

Keep in mind as you think about Pelosi’s celebratory statement that, as recently as October, Kamala Harris said that she wouldn’t take the vaccine because Trump was recommending it. Three days ago, though, with her eye on the Oval Office, Harris proudly announced, “Of course I would,” when asked if she’d take the vaccine once her administration gets it to market.

The hypocrisy about the vaccination, however, goes much deeper than this crude political theater. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are mRNA vaccines. A medical expert described mRNA vaccines this way:

First it helps to remember that DNA is the gene and RNA gives instructions for certain proteins. So an mRNA vaccine is the instructions for the SARS-CoV2 protein. Once inside the cell, the protein is made and that triggers the immune response. Just like the vector vaccines which use viruses to deliver the protein instructions, here you are delivering the instructions alone. It’s another way of getting the protein made inside of you.

Reading that, you can understand why many people would be concerned that the RNA is effectively rewriting our DNA. That doesn’t mean it’s harmful, that it affects our global DNA, or anything else.

But don’t take my word for this because, frankly, I don’t really get how mRNA vaccines work. I’m also willing to bet that all the snarky young leftist “journalists” who are "debunking" conservative concerns about DNA manipulation don’t get it either.

What’s important is that the details aren’t that important. What matters is that, by taking the vaccine into our bodies, there’s a very sophisticated process occurring within our DNA.

I’m about to switch subjects very abruptly here.

For years, leftists have crusaded against genetically modified foods. Saying “No GMO” or “Non-GMO” was a huge marketing advantage for the Whole Foods crowd. This meant was that there was a long delay in getting Golden Rice to market, even though it will dramatically decrease deadly childhood malnutrition risks in Third World countries.

Think about that for a moment: The Democrats who are now enthused about a vaccine that will use mRNA to interact with DNA under the putative Biden administration, are the same people who have fought tooth and nail against genetically modified foods, even to the point of hurting starving children.

By the way, I’m not arguing for or against the vaccine. I’m simply observing that, when it comes to the vaccine, the Democrats’ responses, beginning the first day the Wuhan virus appeared, have been driven by politics and hypocrisy, not by “the science” Democrats claim to cherish.



Image: Syringe with needle by George Hodan. CCO Public Domain.

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