Democrat senators are trying to backdoor the Green New Deal

No matter what former Vice President Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden says, the Green New Deal (“TGND”) is fully incorporated into the Democrats’ platform. As the disgustingly fraudulent and evil 2020 election process has shown, when a frontal assault won’t do the trick, the Democrats will break their mission into a thousand pieces and attack from every angle. Conservatives in Congress must be prepared for this and stop Democrats from implementing TGND everywhere it shows up (most recently in racial reparations legislation).

When The Honorable Alexandria O’Sock Puppet Cortez (D – Economics, Boston University, Cum Laude, AYKM?) put forth The Green New Deal (2018), the chatter was overwhelming, and often contradictory. Therefore, like a good rational being, I read the entire thing for myself.

It sounded awfully familiar -- and it turns out it was cribbed almost entirely from the Paris Agreement (2015) that President Obama unlawfully signed, yet never submitted to the peoples’ representatives in Congress for confirmation. Bless President Trump for removing us from wasting precious resources on an illogical and unreachable Utopian dream.

Reading backward through time, TGND is also the essence of these related documents: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2015) (the UN’s SDGs), which redeveloped and expanded the UN Millennium Declaration (2000) (the MDGs), the Kyoto Protocol (1998), and Rio’s UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992).

In Congress, TGND has been in committee since February 2019. As is true for all these other proclamations of intent, it will never be honestly adopted nor effectively implemented. Thank goodness for that. The critical evaluations of its potential cost and uncertain benefit eventually caused every Senator who co-sponsored it to back away when given the opportunity.

But they’ve not given up. No, they are sneaking it by bits and pieces into other legislation, hoping that, eventually, TGND will permeate the laws, policies, and budgets of our country. The most recent example is Core Booker’s, Elizabeth Warren’s, and Kirsten Gillibrand’s draft “Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020. ”

Skipping down to Section 522, we find a proposed amendment to the Food Security Act of 1985 that expands the promotion of anti-erosion farming practices of “Rotations and Advanced Grazing Management” to include “Climate Stewardship Practices.” None of the 34 listed practices is bad, and many farmers already implement the ones that increase the effective farming of their land.

However, the anti-scientific “party of science” is at it again. Reducing carbon in near-ground-level air (i.e. “carbon sequestration”) has not been shown to have any effect upon climate, micro or macro. However, it may negatively affect plant growth leading to the need for larger infusions of fertilizer, which comes with its own carbon footprint to produce, acquire, and apply.

This inclusion of “climate stewardship” activities for black farmers and ranchers comes with a cost. In this bill alone, over the next ten years, an additional 90 billion dollars are to be spent on carbon sequestration activities like improving forests and restoring wetlands, which are not truly productive agricultural practices.

Note that Section 522 is lifted wholesale from H. R.  4269, the Climate Stewardship Act of 2019, which has been languishing in committee since September 2019. This mostly agricultural bill amends no fewer than 15 other pieces of legislation and lists new funding requirements exceeding $400 billion over 10 years. Other significant expenses would be incurred, but it would take the CBO to determine true and future costs.

It is incumbent upon us who care, especially our elected representatives and their staffs, to carefully review every piece of proposed legislation, to reveal and clearly address how Democrats disingenuously include Green New Deal snippets and funding. Legislators should refuse to pass such bills until the offending bits are removed, no matter how worthy the rest of the bill, including appropriations legislation.

If we do not close off this incremental policy and cost creep, it will be far worse for our country than having delayed otherwise beneficial legislation, or even shutting down the government for a few days. Pelosi, with her devastating antics with the CARES Act, has shown to what extent the Dems are willing to play brinksmanship with Americans’ lives and livelihoods.

It’s high time to call them out and face them down. Otherwise, the couple of trillions the virus crisis has added to our deficit will look like pocket change.

Gonads and vertebrae, fellow conservatives. All we need are gonads and vertebrae to put a halt to this pernicious devilry.

Anony Mee is a retired public servant (hence the deeply secret nom de blog) and a member of the Modern Survival Blog community.

Image: Heartland Pride Minnesota 2013 by Don Graham. CC BY-SA 2.0.