The devil went down to Georgia...

Let me get this straight.

On the eve of President Trump arriving in Georgia to campaign for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Senator Perdue effectively trashes Trump, saying Biden will be easier to work with, “get deals done” in the Senate?

Perhaps attorney Sidney Powell was right this election struggle is ‘Biblical.’ God is revealing literal corruption and evil right before our eyes.

Now that Trump is in the throes of an electoral fraud debacle, RINO Republicans are outing themselves and hanging President Trump out to dry. It is as if they don’t care about their appearance to the Trump base. They are figuratively flipping us the bird and daring us to do something about it. If we vote Perdue and Loeffler in we are voting in never-Trumpers, but if we don’t, the Senate goes to Democrats. 

Gutless and traitorous Republicans have also ripped off their masks in the state legislatures in these battleground states, and with very few exceptions, are failing to hold the line. A tweet by  Trump’s attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, expressed the disgust that patriots are feeling.

Partisan judges have been revealed to us.  These poseurs in black robes care more about maintaining the narrative of a Biden presidency as a foregone conclusion than objectively hearing and ruling on the mounds of evidence presented to them.

All of this in addition to the full scale attempt to cancel President Trump being waged by big tech and the mainstream media. The media refusing to broadcast the President’s speech on election fraud earlier this week is a mutinous act of dereliction. The media has placed its bias above the Constitutional duty of the president as the chief law officer of the country. The media has carried out a treasonous act of denying its audience to hear President Trump speak of a Constitutional crisis that is affecting the lives of each and every American: lack of faith in election integrity.

We are witnessing a blatant coup being carried out before our eyes. The Deep State is on it. The political military generals are in on it. The former bastions of conservatism such as National Review and Fox News are in on it. And while it may not be in on it, even Brietbart has gone wobbly.

So what do we do patriots? Every double-crossing action has cut us to our hearts and we realize now that the number of conservative statesmen can be counted on our fingers. The media is telling us time is running out.  The narrative is that Trump is a man alone and running out of options.

Don’t drink the kool-aid.

As long as Trump has his base then he has everything. Do not lose hope and count this man out.

There is a reason God has outed this darkness. He has exposed the hubris of the enemy we face. They preen their smugness and arrogance because they can taste it that they finally have Trump where they want him and he is finally going down.

This may be their undoing.

We may be a melting pot of a country with different races and creeds, but the legacy of patriots past is in our sprit.  As a result, we don’t quit. Don’t think we are weak because we are not rioting in the streets and committing terror and mayhem. There will come a time and a place for what will need to be done, but first we must present our fight legally.

Right now we are taking our cues from President Trump and we will wait until he tells us to wait no longer. Trump still has the Supreme Court and may also have other options if the stories are true of election results being counted on foreign computer servers in foreign countries and of meddling by China and other overseas actors.  Trump also has the option of invoking Lincoln-style extreme hardball against the traitors in our midst as suggested by close advisors.  We the people need to make up our minds to support him no matter how difficult things become.

Protecting the United States of America is President Trump’s number one duty and he is quite aware of that fact. I believe he has taken the measure of his enemies in the past four years and has countermeasures at the ready. Remember Trump has said in the past that he will never broadcast or telegraph his actions regarding his plans.  Keep that in mind if you wondered why the president has stayed relatively quiet about the election aftermath, leaving most of the commentary to his legal team.

Some believe Trump’s election fraud speech earlier this week may be the first step in laying the groundwork of this plan. Other criticized the speech as no different as the lawsuits his legal team has brought before judges only to have them dismissed.  We shall see.

One constant reality during the past four years has been the media’s consistent underestimation of Trump. Every story about a Trump policy has had a dismissive and condescending tone in the reporting, (much like the stories we are reading now about the election aftermath) and despite their best efforts to show how smart they are, Trump has run rings around them. This is why, despite the appearance of the walls closing in, we must keep the faith.

The difference between patriots and the socialist/communist/globalist cabal we find ourselves against is that for all of their perceived power and machinations, they are godless. They are hateful, angry, spiteful, vindictive, slanderous, and murderous, but most of all they are liars and they cling to lies. They lie to themselves, and they lie to their constituents because they hate absolute truth.

 We have God on our side and because we are humble enough to seek Him, patriots throughout this country and all over the world are in constant prayer, asking Him to reveal the truth and to expose the evil. Other patriots are asking God for victory over the evil that has revealed itself and for the results of this election to be overturned. This is not being done solely for Trump’s reelection but out of a genuine love and concern for the country.

Just by Trump fighting back and not conceding, the methods of this fraud are being made manifest. The more truth that comes out, the more outrageous the appearance of our enemies to bury it. Truth always reveals itself. 

So despite your best efforts, Senator Purdue, patriots will still vote for you and Senator Loeffler. Even spineless RINOs are better than socialist/communist Democrats. So enjoy your spotlight while you can because you and the Republicans have pissed off nearly 80 million Trump supporters, most of whom have been following every detail since Nov. 3. You guys: the Democrats, the media, big tech and partisan judges are too conceited to understand that since the people are seeing the evil and corruption we will never be able to ignore it again.


Dex Bahr is the author of the book,  No Christian Man is an Island. He is also a freelance writer.

Image credit: Carl Lender, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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