Our approach to election fraud is lunacy

Nothing is more important to our rights as a citizen than being assured of a free and fair election.  If we can't trust in our election process, are we really in a democracy or just a banana republic?

Tens of millions of Americans feel with good reason that the election is tainted.  There are hundreds of well documented anomalies including over a thousand affidavits stating under the penalty of perjury that significant irregularities occurred.

But we are relying on a skeleton crew of privately funded lawyers to try to get to the bottom of what by all accounts appears to be a massive fraud.  Why is this all-important effort left to a few brave souls and not the main focus of our government's efforts?

Where is the Justice Department?  The FBI?  Why doesn't the Defense Department do a review of military mail-in ballots that inexplicably went 100% for Joe Biden?

How about a forensic analysis of the tens of thousands of Biden-only mail-in ballots that weren't folded and appeared to be on different paper?  Who rented the P.O. boxes used for tens of thousands of illegal voters in Georgia and other states?  Where is the investigation of postal officials who ordered carriers to throw away Trump mailings?  Why aren't the poll workers who sent observers home and then illegally continued counting in the dark of the night arrested and charged?

Does no one really care about our country?

The government agencies and courts will tell you they require "proof" that fraud occurred before investigating.  The problem is that the Trump campaign is not allowed access to the voting machines or able to do a forensic audit of ballots.  How can anyone find proof without a detailed audit?  Of course you can't have proof before the books are opened!

If we used this same burden of proof on Bernie Madoff, he would still be operating today.

In fact, the evidence used to investigate Madoff was much, much less damning than what we now know about the 2020 elections.  There is so much smoking-gun evidence — impossible statistical anomalies, late-night ballot-counting after observers were told to leave, massive and statistically impossible pro-Biden ballot dumps, thousands of documented illegal voters, and election officials calling Trump-supporters "Nazis" — that one would have to be literally blind to ignore it. 

Worse, the clock is ticking.  The election results are due to be certified within a week.  How can anyone expect to undertake a definitive investigation within such a time frame?  Just look at how long the Durham investigation has taken — with no results to date.

My guess is that A.G. Barr or his minions are doing a cursory investigation, just enough to cover his rear end and assure the files for posterity that "no evidence was found."  It's like his investigation of the Pennsylvania mail carrier, when two aggressive federal agents tried to convince the whistleblower that nothing had happened — and then illegally and falsely leaked to the press that the carrier had "recanted" his story.

Tens of millions of angry Americans deserve to be given reasonable assurances that our election was not fraudulent.  The Justice Department must look into these allegations and determine in an open and accessible manner if fraud occurred.  If they find no proof of fraud, at least our citizenry can be assured that they made the effort.

Barr wants to avoid being seen as having a political agenda.  But if he chooses to ignore the landslide of evidence that wrongdoing did occur, his legacy won't be pretty.

In fact, Barr will have personally contributed to the demise of our republic.

Image: CBS News via YouTube.

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