Trump gave 'the most important speech' of his life

President Trump appeared before the American people on Wednesday to give what he described as "the most important speech I've ever made."  Cleverly,  he'd already ensured a large audience by teasing in the past few days that he might be giving up.  Leftists tuned in to see him resign; his supporters tuned in praying that he wouldn't.  His supporters left happy, for Trump, twice using charts, detailed just some of the massive election fraud and promised to keep fighting:

The president explained that our once sacred "Election Day" has turned into an election season, with opportunities for "lots of bad things."  While he was warned away from declaring a "premature victory," Biden was treated as the victor before the election happened.  "In fact, they were acting like they already knew what the outcome was going to be.  They had it covered, and perhaps they did, very sadly for our country."

Trump assured his supporters, though, that he will keep fighting, using the "constitutional process."  He explained that the fight is necessary because the election was corrupt.

Democrats engaged in a "relentless push to print and mail out tens of millions of ballots sent to unknown recipients with virtually no safeguards of any kind," which was a Petri dish for fraud.

Courts and politicians carried out a variety of changes to state election systems, bypassing legislatures that are constitutionally required to be involved.

States such as California and Nevada sent millions of ballots to every name on the voter rolls, while states such as Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin sent absentee ballot request forms to every name on the voter rolls.  Some people received multiple ballots, and Trump believes that "millions of votes were cast illegally in swing states alone."

The voter rolls are riddled with errors, including dead people; relocated people; non-citizens; and, in some counties, more names than voting-age people.

In Wisconsin, at 3:42 in the morning, Trump was leading until a massive dump of mysteriously originating Biden votes appeared.  In Michigan, at 6:31 A.M., 149,772 votes suddenly appeared for Biden.  In other jurisdictions, there were "20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 discrepancies or fraudulent votes" that threw the election to Biden.

People have testified to the following frauds:

  • poll-watchers were locked out of buildings,
  • people were told they'd already voted by mail,
  • provisional ballots were not counted,
  • voting took place without any ID requirements,
  • Democrat voters received preferential treatment,
  • poll workers supervised Democrat party-line votes and illegally registered same-day voters,
  • 250,000 Wisconsin voters were classified as severely disabled to avoid the mail-in ballot signature requirement (up from 70,000 last year),
  • batches of Biden votes were counted multiple times,
  • Georgia officials didn't match mail-in ballot signatures,
  • no state checks for citizenship,
  • "absentee ballots" for Joe arrived in huge batches without envelopes,
  • 70,000 absentee ballots in Wisconsin had no matching applications,
  • in Georgia, absentee ballots for Biden lacked folds, meaning they couldn't have arrived by mail in an envelope,
  • the majority of recently located uncounted ballots were for Biden,
  • Republican canvassers in Detroit were coerced into certifying votes,
  • in Nevada, voting machines were set so that virtually no signature matching occurred,
  • some Native American Nevada voters got gifts for voting,
  • across contested states, the number of rejected mail-in ballots was dramatically lower than ever before,
  • Pennsylvania's Democrat secretary of state and supreme court unconstitutionally abolished signature verification requirements,
  • Trump had long, powerful coattails, which is inconsistent with his apparent loss, and
  • Democrats fought hard to loosen all voting safeguards, and the pandemic gave them a useful excuse.

Trump also touched upon Dominion, a company with shady foreign ownership, which made 96% of its donations to Democrats.  He worried that Dominion systems will compromise the Senate runoff in Georgia.

Given the overwhelming direct evidence and indicia of fraud, the only way to save the system is to overturn the election, "because our country cannot live with this kind of an election."  A revolt is unlikely because Trump's votes are real, so his huge pool of supporters will be happy.  Biden had many fewer votes than he now claims, lowering the risk of unrest.

The "entrenched interests" behind this fraud, whom (significantly) he does not name, "oppose our movement because we put America first.  They don't put America first, and we're returning power to you the American people.  They don't want America first; they only want power for themselves."

Trump wrapped up by urging the necessity of reviewing the evidence of fraud, not just for his benefit, but for America's good.  Without election integrity, we don't have a viable country.  Biden, therefore, should also want an investigation.  "Ultimately, I am prepared to accept any accurate election result, and I hope that Joe Biden is as well."

Image: Trump giving his most important speech.  YouTube screen grab.