Some follow-up information about the Smartmatic fact-check on Fox

Fox News aired claims by Sidney Powell and others that there's a link between Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic, which provides voting software.  Because Smartmatic threatened to sue, Fox News included on Lou Dobbs's, Jeanine Pirro's, and Maria Bartiromo's shows a taped segment from Eddie Perez shooting down those claims.  This post shares publicly available information about both Eddie Perez and Smartmatic. In the first three minutes and ten seconds, you can see the Perez appearance: Lou Dobbs describes Perez as one of the "leading authorities on open-source software for elections" and "the global director of tech development at Open Source Technology Institute."  Dobbs explains, "We asked him for his assessment of Smartmatic and recent claims about the company." Although there's a Fox Business chyron, the interview is unusual.  While the camera focuses on Perez, an off-camera...(Read Full Post)