A viral tweet about the election may be wrong, but a viral poster matters

On Sunday, one tweet and one poster sucked up a lot of the oxygen for conservatives.  The tweet claimed to rely on a Washington Post article to reveal that millions of Biden's votes were faked.  Sadly, the tweet was wrong.  However, the poster that is popping up everywhere is based upon Democrat-approved data.  Anyone who can look at it without seeing massive fraud, well, that person is a true believer...a Democrat true believer.

First, about that tweet: Bill Binney tweeted out some amazing data on Sunday morning.  He claimed that, when you look at how many registered voters are said to have voted and then add up the combined total of both Trump and alleged Biden votes, the numbers don't match — and it looks as if the numbers were gamed in Biden's favor:

My first instinct was the same as everyone else's: wow!  Yes, it proves it.  No one can contest Trump's victory now.

Except that Binney used the wrong numbers.  The 66.2% figure referred to eligible voters, not registered voters.  The eligible, voting-age population in America is 234,000,000.  When you use that number and then add 81 million to 74 million, you end up with a number equal to roughly 66.2%.

That does not mean that Biden won.  If Biden got only 65 million or so votes (which is probably closer to what he really got), it would simply mean that the percentage of living eligible voters who showed up was significantly lower than 66.2%.  The tweet is wrong, but it's a no harm, no foul situation.

What's more interesting is that a series of memes are going around showing just how unbelievable Biden's numbers are.  The starting point is a November 10 preliminary report from the Brookings Institution.  Immediately upon learning about the report, Students for Trump put out an Instagram poster with those rough data:

Because Facebook owns Instagram, it appended a “fact check” to the above poster. When I went to the “fact check” at USA Today (a toxically anti-Trump source), it emphasizes that the numbers in the poster are preliminary. The final numbers are different. If you were to stop reading USA Today at that point, you might assume that the final numbers are waaaay different. They’re not.

The same article explains that, according to the Brookings Institution’s December 8 final report, Biden’s 81,282,903 votes came from 509 counties (that’s 16.7% of America’s) counties. Meanwhile, Trump, who incontestably won 74 million votes (and probably many more), won 2,547 counties.  In other words, the earlier numbers were almost accurate, so the core point is unchanged.  As even USA Today concedes,

Biden won 16.7% of counties with finalized results. That represents a record-low proportion for a winning presidential candidate.

Again, at this point, a true Biden believer could say that one shouldn’t confuse thousands of barely populated counties with the vastly populated urban counties Biden won. That’s almost a decent point, except that the USA Today article added an interesting tidbit:

Obama set the previous record in 2012 – with 689 counties, equal to 22%. Before that, he also set a record in 2008 with just 28% of counties, per NBC News.

The article tries to make it sounds as if Biden is just doing what Obama did. There's a vast difference, though, between Obama having won 22% and 28% of counties and the 16% of counties in which Biden allegedly prevailed.

Just as importantly, there’s a vast difference between Obama, a charismatic new face who became the nation’s first Black president, and a doddering, corrupt old man who’s been around 47 years, has a record of lies and meanness, and a history of terrible political decisions.

And then there’s that enthusiasm factor. Democrats try to say that people hated Trump so much that 81 million got out there to vote for Biden, but that’s awfully hard to believe considering that Trump was recreating his economic miracle, that his party’s rank and file support him strongly (and still do), that he enlarged his base (including adding many Democrats), that his standing with blacks and Hispanics rose significantly, that his approval rating was roughly equal to Obama’s in 2012 (despite the relentlessly negative press, including calling him a murderer), that he swept Evangelical voters and that voter enthusiasm for him far outweighed enthusiasm for Biden.

All those facts led to this poster which, while based on Brookings’ rough numbers, is still close enough to reality – and what a reality. It shows in strong visual terms how ludicrous it is to pretend that Biden won, even if he did sweep some of the nation’s more populous counties:

Trump won, and he won big — and Biden cheated.  Some facts just can't be denied.

Image: Donald Trump. YouTube screen grab.

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