Researchers declare liberalism a personality disorder

We all know that liberals are self-centered, entitled snobs who look down on average Americans as "bitter clingers" and "deplorables" and who see themselves as victims justified in silencing and even physically attacking those who disagree with them.  Experts have now identified such attitudes and behaviors as indicative of a personality disorder.  

The Daily Caller has reported that Israeli researchers have defined a new construct called Tendency for Interpersonal Victimhood (TIV) as "the tendency for some individuals to see themselves as victims, including in seemingly harmless exchanges, often leading to a desire for revenge against those who wronged them and a sense of entitlement" that can "lead to [actual] revenge behaviors."

So the experts have finally figured out what the rest of us already know: that liberalism is a personality disorder.  College kids, radical feminists, LGBT activists, woke athletes, radicalized minorities, Twitter users, Big Media personalities, socialist politicians, and other assorted leftist flotsam fit the TIV category perfectly.  The bad news is that these people are impossible to reason with. 

The good news is that the emotionally stunted TIVs make up a tiny minority of Americans and a minuscule voting bloc.  The prescription for improvement is psychological counseling or a good look at the Constitution and the Bible.

Even better, a real job, family commitments, a house and community obligations, responsibilities that mature, are things well adjusted Americans shoulder every day.  It's otherwise known as real life. 

Image: Edvard Munch.

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