Joe Biden ditches ‘healing’ and ‘unity’ talk to post picture of his dogs mauling a chew toy in Trump’s image

Remember when a rodeo clown lost his career for daring to wear an Obama mask?  Joe Biden doesn’t even remember what state he’s in or who is wife is, so lessons about the dignity of the office of POTUS probably don’t stir any brain cells, and besides, the rules that apply to a Black president offer no protection to any Republican, much less the hated Donald Trump. Still, it is a little jarring to see Biden’s pious rhetoric about healing and unity so quickly and fully discarded:


Last night, Jack Posobiec noticed that the Instagram account set up for Biden’s dogs aent out a picture of them fighting over a chew toy made to resemble Trump:



Maybe the dogs are angry over Biden pulling their tails, as he confessed he does when trying to explain his mysterious foot injury.

There are even more pictures going out, so this may be a campaign:



Photo credit: Twitter screengrab

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