Two wrongs

Much has already been written about the Supreme Court's refusal to hear the Texas suit.  The sharpest legal minds in the country can't agree on whether Texas has "standing," which isn't much of a surprise since disagreement seems to be what we now do best.  I say it's a very good thing because it shows where everyone stands, and rather than wondering who's on your side and who's opposed, disagreement shines light on everyone, so you know what you're up against.

Perhaps we laypeople don't understand the legal jargon about "standing," or why Texas and eighteen other states and the president of the United States aren't allowed to show their collective injury inflicted by the four cheating states.  Perhaps the Supreme Court justices didn't understand the interest Texas had in other states' election conduct was not its own; it was all of our interests.  Perhaps the legal precedents just didn't fit right, and this case would have taken some courage, creativity, and consequences.  Perhaps it was just too much hard work for an upcoming holiday season.

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm not blind, either.  "Judicially cognizable interest"?  That means about as much to me as talk about the internet would have meant to Thomas Jefferson.  Why does a "first ever" event have to be judicially cognizable? 

Throughout our history, and perhaps all of world history, there has never before been as massive a fraud perpetrated on a free people as this.  Despite what Fox News says, these are not unfounded accusations.  In fact, that fraudulent acts changed the outcome of the election is indisputable.  Oh, it's disputed, but it's still indisputable in any factual or logically cognizable way.  If that seems cognitively dissonant, welcome to our world, where the MSM and the Democrat party say there's no evidence of election fraud, and the Trump campaign's allegations are baseless and unfounded.

This was a horrible wrong inflicted upon our nation, and the Supreme Court doubled down on it.  The evidence is widely available for anyone willing to look.  Untold numbers of crimes were committed to steal the election for Joe Biden.  Had those four states' election officials not been complicit in the commission of those crimes, the election victory would have clearly gone to President Trump.  Every legal vote for President Trump in every state represents a disenfranchised and injured voter if Biden is allowed to steal the election.  For Texas and the states joining in the suit, and even those not joining, the difference between a Trump administration and a third Obama administration defines the injury in itself.  Just think of the economic prosperity records set by Trump, and the promises already made by Biden to undo them, and the injury becomes crystal-clear as a matter of policy alone, and policy impacts every citizen of every state. 

The simple fact that so many courts have dismissed the Trump team's allegations of fraud should have shown the Supreme Court that the law as it relates to national elections is broken, or that each of the state supreme courts is complicit in the fraud as well.  If one party can succeed in stealing an election in the United States of America, then we are wrongly named, because we are not united.  If one party can conspire to commit such massive fraud that the numbers of votes cannot possibly be accurately determined, then there must be justice to correct it.  If one party can irrevocably damage the electorate's basic trust in our institutions of government, then there must be justice to correct it.  If one party can illegally enlist foreign interference to alter the election results and such allegations will not even be heard in a court of law, then there must be justice to correct it. 

Where is that justice?  It can only be in the Supreme Court of the United States, where the initial review must assume that all the allegations are true.   

Imagine these answers...if the thieves succeed and are rewarded with the power they seek, then who fixes the broken system they exploited in order to steal?  What happens when bad behavior is rewarded?  What comes of the crimes committed by the Obama administration against the Trump campaign, the transition, and all the Trump associates whose basic rights were violated through the abuse of the FISA Court?  Who answers for the hoax of the Mueller investigation, which bogged down our nation's government for two years, and cost tens of millions of dollars?  Who writes the history on President Trump's impeachment; is it Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Joe Biden — the same Joe Biden President Trump was impeached for mentioning in a phone call, and the same Joe Biden whose foreign connections and corruption were censored by social media giants leading up to the election?  Who will conduct the investigation into Joe Biden's career-long corruption with these foreign adversaries, and his financial windfall for his family while he time and time again sold out his own country?  Who will stop him from repeating it all over again?

When the cheaters win, and when the bad guys get to make the rules, everyone suffers because the bad guys are out to enrich themselves, not those whom they govern...if it can even be called governing.  Their goal is to control, steal from, and repress us while shoring up their "victory" and ensuring they stay in power.  Freedom will die a slow and steady death, just as the lockdowns in Democrat-run states unfairly, unjustly, and illegally squeezed the life and livelihoods from their citizens.  If this horrible injustice is not corrected, and if there are no consequences for the thieves, American freedom and the American dream will be history.

Donald N. Finley is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel.

Photo credit: Mr. Kjetil Ree.  Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.

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