Joe Biden's Cabinet of nitwits

Desperately attempting to prove he wasn't a mere 47-years-in-office political hack and to distinguish himself from President Trump, Joe Biden made a big deal about "listening to the experts" and "following science," as if to argue that successful non-politician outsider Trump was some kind of amateur.  "Here come the adults," the headline shouted from the New Republic.  "Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks Send a Clear Message: The Adults Are Back in Charge," crowed Vogue.

And none was louder than the 47-years-in-public-office politician himself:

"Trump refuses to listen to the experts and take action — and we're all paying the price," he wrote on Facebook.

...along with his minions:

So why is the so-called "president-elect" of experts doing something very different: packing his Cabinet with ignorant political cronies and zero-experience morons?

The New York Post has an excellent editorial takedown of all these so-called experts Joe is putting forward to run his likely coming administration, wondering if he was selecting them by dart board.  Here is a sample, but the list is much longer:

Take tapping Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development: She's got little experience in housing issues, except as mayor of a small city. In the House, she's focused on her service on the Agriculture Committee. And just a month ago, she told Politico, "We're going to have to stop looking at only certain agencies as those that people like me fit in . . .  it's always 'we want to put the black person in Labor or HUD.' " Yet she's black, at HUD.

Pete Buttigieg for Transportation? His main experience is as mayor of South Bend, Ind., whose transit system consists of 66 buses.

And why California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Services? He's not a medical professional, though he's filed more than 100 lawsuits against the Trump administration over the Affordable Care Act — battling, for example, to force Catholic institutions to offer abortion coverage.

Susan Rice, a former foreign policy "professional" in charge of domestic policy?  Jennifer Granholm managing the nation's nuke stockpile and uranium reserves?  John Kerry, reporting for duty on...climate change?  Must be where Democrats stick their old failed presidential candidates.  And the Post has even more.

And while we on the topic of "experts," how's the record of Biden's much lionized Dr. Anthony Fauci?  The man who said "no masks" then masks for all, then failed to wear one at a baseball game in a group of non-household friends?  His continuous advice on lockdowns contradicts the study from Oxford University by real doctors describing how herd immunity works, with recommendations to end lockdowns as far too destructive, as well as a useless act that only extends the pandemic.  Fauci's blasts at hydroxychloroquine have been...reversed.  Oh, and even as Fauci wields his power with alacrity, shifting from one position to the next, suicides, cancer, and heart conditions left untreated as lockdowns are prioritized are soaring.  And pay no attention to the economy.  Fauci isn't exactly about sustainability or balance.

But here we are with Joe Biden, claiming he's appointing experts, when all we see is racial color balance in appointments, a paint-by-numbers approach to Cabinet appointments, as well as rewards to ignorant political cronies.  The net result is about to be a rule by corrupt people finding ways to line their pockets while perpetrating on the American people some massive incompetence.  Got confidence in the distribution of the vaccine under a President Biden? 

In the Obama-Biden administration, no one was ever fired for incompetence.  Talking out of turn, sure, like Gen. Stanley McChrystal.  But incompetence, lies, loss of credibility...well, that just leads to more Cabinet positions.  Just ask Susan Rice.  Joe Biden, if anything, as a master machine politician, whose prime goal is perpetration of Democrat power and the one-party PRI-style Californization of national politics, isn't about experts, confidence, or competence in his Cabinet picks, he's got a slew of amateur hour picks, chosen for their political usefulness to him.

If competence were important to him, he'd choose different.  But it's not.  Competence is important only to the American people, and, well, he didn't "win" the election with them, so in his mind, he owes them nothing.

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