Illegal ballots can be quickly and scientifically identified

In the video below, Kevin Freeman interviews technology expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who explains how, with access to the physical ballots and the digital ballots in their native, unencrypted format, his team can process millions of ballots per day and determine conclusively which ballots are illegitimate. 

Pulitzer points out that by law, we the people own both the paper ballots and the scanned copies of ballots for 22 months after the election.  He maintains that the Trump legal teams have been requesting the wrong evidence, that we only need access to audit the ballots on very simple visual terms.

For example, every mailed out ballot was folded by machines and blown into envelopes.  Pulitzer describes how machines can detect the forensic evidence left by a crease due to what he calls a kinematic fold, so fake ballots that were fed into counting machines from never folded sheets can be flagged.

Legitimate ballots can be checked for upper-level encoding — that is, the standards by which the election council determines how the ballot is to be printed.  As part of these standards, all ballots contain hidden codes not visible to the naked eye which identify the printer from which they were printed.

Also, ballots that were marked by machine can be identified by the lack of marks left by the impact of a pen on the paper.  Ballots marked by machines can be checked for perfectly identical, recurring patterns of marks that can be produced only by machines.

This 20-minute video is worth viewing.  Let's hope Republican legal teams, legislators, senators, etc. see it and bang on Pulitzer's door.

Image: Tom Arthur.

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