Hypersensitive COVID tests, 'sick' fruit, and the mendacious Dr. Fauci

The Wuhan virus has been politicized around the world, but America has taken politicization to nuclear levels because the Democrats weaponized it against Trump.  It's been in the establishment's interest to inflate Wuhan virus numbers by manipulating the RT-PCR test used to diagnose people with the virus.  In Europe, they're figuring out the false positives problem, but that information is hidden in the U.S.  A new video, however, explains what's going on — and the "sick" kiwis help prove it.

The current diagnostic test for the Wuhan virus is based upon the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique that Kary Banks Mullis, a biochemist, invented in 1983.  The technique is so important that Mullis won a Nobel Prize in chemistry — and, unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, that is a prize with legitimate cachet.

Here, shorn of any scientific language at all, is what the PCR technique does: it takes a molecule and repeatedly "cycles" it, with each cycle making the molecule twice as large as before.  The first cycle doubles the size (2 x 2); the second cycle creates makes it eight times as big as the original (2 x 2 x 2); the third cycle makes it sixteen times as big (2 x 2 x 2 x 2); and so on, to theoretically indefinite numbers of cycles.

The point of the test is that there will come a point at which you've enlarged the molecule enough that you can see what's inside it.  Keep in mind, though, that the more you magnify a thing, the more you see things you wouldn't have noticed before.  For example, the pictures below all show a drop of blood with the magnification increasing from an ordinary camera shot to a regular microscope to an electron microscope:

What's happening with the PCR test when it's used to diagnose the Wuhan virus (the RT-PCR test) is that there's no standard for the number of cycles being run to enlarge the molecule inspected.  Some labs are doing as many as 30 cycles, which means they're blowing up the molecule as if it's in an electron microscope and finding all sorts of things, including minute and meaningless virus particles.

The rule of thumb is that if a virus can be seen at a small number of cycles, its presence is significant enough to mean that someone is sick and contagious.  As the cycles increase, the likelihood that a stray piece of the virus has clinical meaning shrinks to zero.  This is probably why asymptomatic people aren't contagious.

Mullis was long concerned with the way his PCR test was being abused to over-diagnose HIV/AIDS, so much so that he became known as an "AIDS denier."  His point was that if you magnify a molecule sufficiently, you can find the universe within it, including meaningless viral particles.

Mullis reserved special venom for the fact that ignorant bureaucrats — and he called Anthony Fauci out by name — were misusing the PCR test for political purposes during the height of the AIDS era:

What Mullis says about Fauci is consistent with the Fauci we know, who's been consistently wrong about the virus and who has now admitted to lying about it.

The non-standardized over-cycling of the RT-PCR test is so bad that Italian scientists were able to diagnose myriad fruits with the Wuhan virus.  (You don't need to understand Italian to catch what's going on in this video, which shows that poor, "sick" kiwi.)

In a longer video (here), the same scientists diagnosed a sick orange and some berries.  Bananas, grapes, and clementines were inclusive.  A pear, a pumpkin, and cabbage were negative.

The problem with over-cycling the RT-PCR test is not a secret — except in America.  Because of the political pressure to keep the numbers up to hurt Trump politically (and, probably, to justify continued tyrannical control over the American people and the destruction of small businesses), the American media and political class will not report on this.  The video below documents that at least some American doctors are concerned about the abuse of the RT-PCR test and that the problem has been reported freely overseas:

The Wuhan virus is real.  However, the numbers are being inflated for political purposes, whether through manipulated testing or wrongful death certificates.  The big question, if Biden dodders into the White House, is whether we'll suddenly see correct testing and death certificates so Biden is as miraculous as Christ when it comes to cures or if the political and media classes will continue this artificial inflation to maintain government control over the American people.

Hat tip: AES

Image: Polymerase Chain Reaction method.  YouTube screen grab.