Good news, bad news...the left can't discern the difference

The most puzzling thing about leftists is their stubborn resistance to good news.

Tell them that the actual death rate for COVID sufferers is 0.05%, and they will come after you like a rabid animal.  Explain to them that the COVID numbers are hugely inflated — nearly all deaths of the usual things people die of are now attributed to COVID — and they will do everything in their power to silence you.  Let a Stanford doctor suggest that face masks are useless in preventing the spread of COVID, a fact that should be obvious to everyone by now, and that doctor will be canceled, shadowbanned, deleted.

Months ago, if any doctor uttered the truth about hydroxychloroquine, he would be called a charlatan, a freak, a liar, all because President Trump mentioned it early on as one possible treatment.

Thousands of lives might have been saved had the media told the truth about HCQ — used early, it works.  Even the AMA dissed it, but now that the election is over, they quietly rescinded their negative stance on the tried and true inexpensive drug.  That so enraged the left that they have now rescinded their reversal.

The good news that HCQ was actually effective was shunned by the entirety of the mainstream media; anything Trump suggests must be twisted and disparaged, no matter how accurate.  Hydroxychloroquine had to be rendered a hoax.  But it was a valid treatment all along.  Bottom line?  Bad news is what the left fabricates and sells to an unsuspecting public who only watch CNN or MSNBC or network TV news.  Leftists thrive on bad news; it boosts their ratings.  They thrive on it because they think it gives them power over the rest of us.  And sadly, too many Americans are submissive and willing to give up the freedoms they take for granted because of manufactured fear.  Those freedoms once lost may not be restored. 

Show a member of the leftist media the volumes of incontrovertible evidence that the Democrats massively cheated on Nov. 3 to defeat President Trump, and he will melt down, all the while denying the obvious.

Again, one has only to watch a few minutes of CNN or MSNBC to observe leftists' foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria at this bit of truth.  They were so certain that they had successfully mesmerized a sufficient majority of the population with their maniacal hatred of Trump that they were caught off guard on Election Night, when it became clear that a Trump landslide was happening before their eyes.  The Republicans swept the seats they sought, flipping several, and nearly took the House.  Trump won. 

But they had carefully planned to steal the election.  They thought they could make it happen under the radar.  Program those Dominion Voting Systems machines to flip just enough votes at the margin to secure a Biden win.  Submit all those fake ballots marked only for Biden.  Count those ballots submitted by dead people.  Count those ballots multiple times.  Sure.  That will work.  Have hundreds of thousands of pristine, unfolded ballots ready to go if needed.  Truck them to be counted from New York to Pennsylvania?  No problem.  Bring them out from under the tables after you've thrown out the Republican observers?  The bad news is, they got caught. 

Good news to the left is that they succeeded after five years of trying to eject Trump from the White House.

Are leftists embarrassed by the ignoble tactics they employed to that end?  Not at all.  It is what they do; it is who they are. 

The fabricated Russia hoax, impeachment (to cover up the Biden family crimes in Ukraine), tax returns, emoluments, blaming Trump for COVID when he was actually ahead of the game on that.

The Democrat left is well and truly the party of deceit.  Deaths by a myriad of normal causes are being counted as COVID deaths now.  Numerous doctors have declared that face masks are useless, but they are censored, their articles banned.  Only one narrative is allowed: COVID is horrifically dangerous and is going to kill us all.  It's not true.  And as someone noted, if the pandemic were real, the bodies of the homeless would be piling up in all major cities.  They are not.  It is a virus that renders older people who suffer from one or many underlying medical conditions at risk.  Those are the people who should have quarantined from the outset.  But no, our self-appointed betters like New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and California's Gov. Gavin Newsom, both drunk with power they are not entitled to wield, will be the death of states like California and New York, as well as Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia.  Do read David Solway's definitive column on the subject.

It is a safe bet that these petty tyrants have never in their lives actually read the U.S. Constitution they swore to uphold when they took office.

If they did, they dismissed it as cavalierly as Obama did when he called it a "document of negative rights."

The left has long dissed our founding document for a variety of reasons.  They mean to shred it for laying out what the government must not do.  They are doing it now; our guaranteed rights are being stripped away so fast that our heads are spinning, and most of the Republicans in Congress are sitting on their hands, waiting for things to get back to establishment normal.

For the left, Trump's victory in 2016 was the worst news of their lifetimes, and they vowed that it would not be repeated.  So they cheated on a gargantuan scale.  They are not even ashamed of what they did; chances are that they are quite proud of themselves and believe they can count on the swamp to remain docile.  But bad news — Trump's millions of supporters will not sit down and be acquiescent.

Not one of those probable 80 million people who voted for Trump will ever consider Biden their president.  He was not legitimately elected.  He is obviously suffering from dementia.  He is the boss of a crime family that has no business anywhere near the White House.

Good news would be the proof of all the voter fraud that took place (it exists), proof so undeniable that Biden cannot be inaugurated.  Trump gets the second term he won.  The border stays carefully monitored.  We remain energy independent.  Nonsense like Critical Race Theory is banished from our schools.  Our veterans continue to be cared for (they were not under Obama).  The ridiculous Iran deal remains invalid, as does the stupid Paris climate accord.  And China, which very likely orchestrated the Biden win and owns him, will be smacked down for all its interference, human rights abuses, and the crimes it commits around the world.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of logo and Pixabay public domain image.

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