Democrats: The 'have ballot, will travel' party

Just as the COVID mandates have socially isolated many, the information blackout by the media's propaganda of silence has insulated the Biden family and now the election.  There were enough Biden voters to change the election upon switching their votes had they known of Hunter Biden's pay for access schemes, all of it known but stifled since his father's vice presidential days.

If the incompetent and venal Joe Biden is sitting in the White House next year without the voting issues being resolved, the Biden presidency will be less than a lame duck one; it will be an illicit one and considered so by a very large part of the nation.  The Democrat party's image will be as the picture of Dorian Gray — an ugly, defaced evil — having sold its soul for power, not to govern, but to rule.  President Trump was instrumental in drawing out their perniciousness, so exposed in their shameless power-grab, like a sweaty addict giddy and careless for a fix.

Should the Democrats have the presidency and the House and gain control of the Senate in January, and then do what they've reported they will, Pat Buchanan's Suicide of a Super Power: Will America Survive to 2025? might be a fait accompli.  He points to three main, historic, and destructive changes that have occurred in America: the excising of the nation's faith of its fathers, Christianity; the resultant moral, social, and cultural collapse; and the death of those kinds of people who created and ruled the nation.  And then there is the failing of our government in carrying out its most fundamental duties of protecting our borders, staying out of wars, and balancing the budget.  "It's Americans that are killing the country they profess to love," writes Buchanan.  In the short time since he wrote this book, they've given up on even the pretense of love.

Twenty twenty has painfully clarified a great deal, not the least of which is that many states' voting systems are a shot-through hodgepodge amalgam of ways to cheat.  Cheating in the past was not uncommon, but this was apparently done on a wholesale, Walmart-type scale.  See here for an expansive but not exhaustive discussion of the discrepancies exposed.  One among a host of other changes needed is that the drawn-out voting period must be eliminated and restricted to just November 3, Election Day.  There is no good reason we can't hit our pillows by midnight knowing who the president is for the next four years.  Then there's the have ballots — will travel shenanigans.  No one said the Democrat machine can't multi-task.

Once again, not all states have gone rogue.  As with the peaceful riots by Antifa and the BLM groups and the leveraging of the COVID pandemic (much scarcer now in the post-election headlines) to meet their goals, it's the Democrat Party enabling the blue states in their voting chicanery, and the Democrats control many swing states, cities, and city councils.  If reality eventually matches the present circumstantial evidence for grand fraud, these Democrat strangleholds have fiddled, twiddled, and tampered with the voting processes in a very good imitation of a Venezuelan, Hugo Chávez election to throw our own.  They have stolen it, having broken down the ramparts of the voting process.

What Buchanan claims happened is what John Adams, our second president, warned of.  Public virtue without private virtue, possible only with moral guidance, is impossible.  What those whose faulty a priori presupposition of no God never understand is that human nature is not naturally inclined toward personal virtue; in fact, the opposite is true.  Thus, we see the general lack of public virtue and statesmanship so evident in our national politics of today. 

The congressional approval rating in the latest poll was 19%, yet Congress has a 96% re-election rate.  We keep electing officials from both parties who soon forget their primary responsibility, and with few exceptions, are changed by Washington before they can change Washington.  In effect, we elect a permanent governor class who grow out of touch with the governed but able to enrich themselves and their families.

A quote attributed to Ben Franklin as he contemplated a congressional seat becoming one of wealth and power:

And of what kind are the men who will strive for this profitable pre-eminence through all the bustle of cabal, the heat of contention, the infinite mutual abuse of parties, tearing to pieces the best of character?  It will not be ... the fittest for trust.  It will be the bold and violent, the men of strong passions and indefatigable activity in their selfish pursuits.

That — the restraint of self — is why it is time for term limits on Congress.  A corollary to term limits would be that Congress is subject to every bit of legislation sent to the president's desk to become law.  This would also mitigate the damage done by the worst and most imperious and obstructive swamp creatures who make Congress their home for decades upon decades, all the while enriching their families and themselves.

It won't be easy, and it won't completely solve the multitude of problems in our political system, including that of this election, but it would be a start.  A first step would have been in passing and ratifying the constitutional amendment  for term limits that Sen. Cruz held a hearing for in 2019.  The swamp, including career Republicans, so often tacit, and rope-a-doped by the Democrats, helped block it.  Much needed is for those few in Washington, D.C. to continue to fight for better processes and the accountability of Congress to their constituents.

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