It's up to the Supreme Court to hold America together

The best outcome for maintaining a constitutional America is for the Supreme Court to make a unanimous finding of fraud that allows it to remedy the current election outcome.  Otherwise, the Democrats will succeed with planned, blatant fraud to unseat President Trump, irrevocably destroying the necessary trust Americans must have in their political system.

For mid-20th century Americans, raised on Rawhide, Superman, Perry Mason, Leave it to Beaver, Lassie, morality was clear.  Uniformly, these shows had themes that included moral Goodness conquering cold, calculating Evil.  The plots were just as black-and-white as our TV sets.

Across burgeoning suburban communities, public schools taught a traditional curriculum of history, English, math, and science, with a dose of physical education, drama, and music.  Most importantly, that generation still learned that America's foundation (although sometimes imperfectly executed) was that citizens had equal opportunity and the liberty to pursue their dreams.  Much has changed from those rather idyllic times, but we have to hope that some of the Supreme Court justices, who also hail from that era, will remember what that was like.

In the coming days, these same justices will inevitably be faced with a historic decision.  Anyone paying attention (including 30% of Democrat voters) knows that massive voter fraud pushed Biden into the lead.  Fraud was the only way Joe Biden, who did not campaign and appeared so de-energized as to be mentally feeble, could win the election.

Mainstream media bias, the tech giants' censorship and cancelation, and the lies of elected and appointed officials worked together to hide the evidence.  These institutions, plus woke leftists in our daily life, have put enormous pressure on Americans not to see the truth and, as importantly, not to speak the truth.

Back in the 1950s, kids chanted, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me" at schoolyard bullies.  Today, though, generations of young people have been taught that words do hurt, and they zealously police freedom of speech, with older Democrats happily climbing on board the censorship bandwagon.

For example, on the local Nextdoor app, we are warned not to mention anything that counters the current COVID "accepted science. " Support for Trump is also forbidden.  The normal back-and-forth political discussions that are part of a functional republican democracy have turned from healthy to rancorous, often pitting family members and erstwhile friends against one another without hope of agreement.  Our black and white morality of yore is now a dirty, yellowish, dingy gray. 

Nevertheless, even if muzzled, anyone paying attention can see the pattern of cheating and ferret out its cause.  For weeks now, from one swing state to another, Americans have seen election fraud documented through countless sworn affidavits, photos, and videos.

What's most concerning is the utter depravity of the effort.  How can so many people in authority have so little respect for the American people, for the history of our country, and for election integrity?  How can greed for power and money corrupt, so absolutely, a vast number of those in charge of our government?  How much money has changed hands and how large a network of evil has been set up over what amount of time to accomplish this steal?

And we have to ask: was this election an attempted coup d'état, funded by outside interests, playing on the greed of corrupt officialdom?  Were the powers behind it deliberately working to turn our republic into a socialist banana republic that empowers and enriches the few and subjugates the many by controlling them and silencing all objection.

Currently, it looks as if too many craven state Republican officials, cowed into silence, will not be a bulwark against election fraud.  That means that the matter will go before the Supreme Court, which has the power to sort this disaster before it's too late to do so.  Thanks to Amy Coney Barrett's presence, there's reason for hope.

If the judges are incorruptible — if they are not swayed by personal threats or the leftist promise to again run riot in the street if the election doesn't turn out as they wish, and if they look honestly at the facts and the law — it's likely that conservative justices will conclude that election fraud affected the outcome.  However, that's not enough.

To ensure a peaceful resolution, once it's clear that a majority will not allow fraud to destroy our republic, the leftist justices must join with their conservative colleagues in a unanimous decision.  Without that unanimity, Democrats can justify another four years of extended hysteria and hatred.  It's time for all of the Supreme Court justices to act to return America to normalcy rather than to allow it to be wrested from us forever.

Image: Supreme Court 2020X by Angela N., Creative Commons 2.0.

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