Democrats' defense of Georgia election fraud video doesn't hold water

Immediately after the story broke about the video showing workers at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta counting ballots after poll observers had apparently been asked to leave, a purported news site sprang into action to "fact-check" the report.  While the "fact check" gave room to Democrat operatives to cover their derrières, the counter-narrative was ludicrous.  Additionally, new evidence about vote spikes and two of the vote-counters behaving suspiciously gave even more credence to Republicans' take on the surveillance video.

The video that galvanized so many people showed a large room in which poll observers were completely cordoned off from any meaningful observation.  Shortly before 10:00 P.M., one of the poll workers — a black woman with eye-catching long, blond braids — approached the observers, and, not long after that, with apparent reluctance, the observers filed away, vacating the room a little before 11 P.M.

At 11:00, with the room ostensibly shut down and the observers gone, the remaining poll workers suddenly sprang into action, dragging rolling suitcases out from under a table.  They took ballots out of those suitcases and spent the next two hours scanning them, at a rate of about 3,000 ballots per hour per scanner.

If you go here, you can see several sharpened photographs showing what was going on.

By Friday, a site called Lead Stories had its fact check ready, denying the allegations.  These are its contentions:

1. Nobody told the observers to leave; they just voluntarily traipsed after workers and could have returned whenever they wanted.

2. What the Republicans called "suitcases" were in fact empty "regular ballot containers" that were placed under the table to save floor space.

3. The ballots inside had already been removed from their envelopes and processed while observers were present.

The only one of those points that holds water is the contention that the ballots were in "ballot containers," not suitcases.  Everything else is factually or logically wrong.

First, the poll-watchers who left stated that the workers had told them to leave, and, indeed, you can see the woman with blond braids talking to them.  It makes sense that the observers wouldn't have left without being told that everything was shutting down.  Trump-supporters were deeply suspicious of events and would never have walked away from watching.

Second, even assuming that people had watched the ballots getting removed from their envelopes, that's not a reason for them to be disinterested in watching the votes get counted.  For example, they might have witnessed the woman in the purple shirt repeatedly running the same batch of ballots through the tabulator.

Third, the shutdown theater makes no sense.  If the counting was proceeding as before, why in the world engage in that shutdown theater, which effectively drove the poll-watchers out, only to spring into frantic, completely unsupervised action for the next two hours?

Third, even as those poll workers were busily scanning in ballots without oversight, Biden received a "mathematically impossible" spike in vote counts:

Fourth, according to Bernard Kerik, a former New York City police commissioner, that spike is a mathematical impossibility — a claim that makes sense just by looking at that chart:

It isn't surprising that the so-called "fact check" was wrong.  Lead Stories is a partisan Democrat site "staffed almost entirely by Democratic donors, half of whom had worked for CNN in the past."  It's also one of Facebook's alleged "nonpartisan fact-checkers" — and they, as many have noted, function on a completely partisan basis.

There's another video of two of the women from the secret vote count — the gal in the purple shirt and the one with the blond braids — and it appears that Purple Shirt is passing something covertly to Blond Braids.  Many people have speculated that what's being passed is a USB:

The facts remain clear: poll-observers testified they were deliberately cleared out, at which point workers, including two who had behaved suspiciously earlier, scanned ballots like crazy, with that scanning coinciding with an impossibly huge spike in counts that favored Joe Biden.  No wonder Governor Kemp suddenly called for a signature audit.  Even he knew that no one would believe the purported facts "explaining" the video.

Sadly, despite all this evidence of illegal conduct, Fulton County still certified its results.  That's what happens when the fox is the one charged with certifying the henhouse.

Image: Screen grab from the surveillance video.

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