Buried lede: WaPo reports Mexican officials terrified of Biden's open-borders-and-amnesty dinner triangle

How's this for a buried lede? This ran in the ninth paragraph of a Washington Post story about presumed president-elect Joe Biden and his coming relations with Mexico:

... Mexican officials have private concerns that any moves to revoke Trump's enforcement mechanisms too quickly could have a dam-bursting effect at their southern border, unleashing pent-up demand from desperate Central Americans.

"Our southern border was a mess, and it's under control now," said a senior Mexican official who spoke on the condition of anonymity for lack of authorization to discuss potential relations with the United States under the Biden administration[.]

So much for this new era of "restored" comity and normalcy in foreign relations, as Biden, his team, and their press lackeys have promoted.  Already we've seen the fear and pre-emptive triage actions in the Middle East based on fears of a return to the Obama lead-from-behind policy of weakness.  We've also see the fear in East Asia as small Pacific Rim nations and democracy campaigners in places like Hong Kong worry about a rampant China and a naive and ineffectual Jimmy Carter-style Biden administration.

Now we've got a full blown concern from Mexico that with Biden ringing the dinner trial of amnesty, migrant surges will trash Mexico, as if that country didn't have enough problems as it is.  If you want to start a migrant surge, there probably isn't a better way to do it than to advertise free amnesty at the destination, as Mickey Kaus noted in one of his tweets.

As for Mexico, too bad.  Biden cares so little about the U.S. that he's happy to trigger a migrant surge in a bid to please far-left activists who hate America anyway.  He doesn't care about how migrant surges drive down U.S. wages, raise U.S. health and education costs, and set Central American nations up for failure as remittance states, something that the World Bank has noted will underdevelop a country.

The Mexicans can read the writing on the wall from that and pretty well know that if Biden cares this little about American law and order.  Why the heck would he care about law and order in Mexico?

Mexico knows that their own nation is going to be flooded with thousands of unvetted Central American migrants, which will include the indigent, the criminals they pay big dollars to to shepherd them, and the leftist advocates who promote their caravans with all the orderliness of Antifa.  Some will be just plain criminals, too, given that nobody needs papers in a migrant surge.  The huge protests by angry Mexicans in Tijuana and other border towns, watching their cities descend into an orgy of crime, disease, and social disintegration got the message to Mexico City.  It may even have gotten the message to deep blue south Texas, where Latino voters with family links to Mexico and concerns about migrant surges in voted in historic numbers for President Trump.

Lucky Mexico.  Once the migrants tear up the country there, they'll be on their way to the U.S., and Mexico will be left with the mess, with cartels fattened by border-crossing "fees" and more powerful as a result.

Why the Washington Post didn't report this as the lede, focusing instead of claims that U.S.-Mexico relations will become "more conventional" and forgetting that President Trump's relations with socialist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador were characterized by unusual comity, can only be called a bid to puff up Biden in a lapdog press move.

The real story in fact can be found in Frances Martel's excellent comprehensive report in Breitbart News, headlined "Joe Biden Snubs Latin America: No Calls to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia."

Biden has the ill will of Brazil, for threatening to destroy its economy in the first presidential debate; Colombia, whose politicians openly urged Colombian-Americans to vote for President Trump in the November election based on how to best help Colombia; and probably plenty of others who aren't saying much.  Now there's Mexico, and Mexico's leader, though socialist, is also a Mexico-first nationalist, who doesn't want to see additional problems from the U.S. dumped onto his country to clean up.

Biden in fact has reached out only to the failed socialist leaders of Argentina, who have made a hash of their country, Chile, whose president is a sorry RINO who allowed leftists trash his capital for months and now sees them coming for Chile's sound post-military government constitution in favor of something Castroite, and Costa Rica, where House Biden has business deals.  He hasn't called anyone else in Latin America, and don't think they don't notice.

As Robert Gates noted, Biden has been "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."  He sure as heck is in Mexico, and the Mexicans are worried.  Too bad the lapdog press isn't going to notice.

Image credit: Luicheto via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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