A crafty old turtle?

According to Politico, as noted in the Dec. 16 American Thinker , Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his lieutenants are warning Republicans not to object when the electors are certified on Jan. 6.

... McConnell warned Republican senators Tuesday during a private caucus call not to object to the election results on Jan. 6, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

McConnell told his caucus that challenging the results would force Republicans to take a "terrible vote" because they would need to vote it down and appear against President Donald Trump.  Senate majority whip John Thune (R-S.D.) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) echoed McConnell's remarks.

Thune added:

I understand there are people who feel strongly about the outcome of this election, but in the end, at some point you have to face the music[.] ... I think once the Electoral College settles the issue today, it's time for everybody to move on.

Why would McConnell, Thune, and Blunt vote against Trump and for the Biden electors?  Could money be at the root of their treachery?  They certainly won't collect much, because each will certainly be defeated come time for re-election, no matter how much they spend.  In fact, no Senate Republican who votes for the Biden slate of electors on Jan. 6 might ever be elected to public office again.  So this reason doesn't make sense.

So again, let's ask: why would McConnell, Thune, and Blunt advocate to vote against Trump?  Are they afraid of the negative reaction of the media and Democrats once Trump wins re-election in the House?  This is certainly a concern and might affect their chances of re-election somewhat, but Trump would also be available to help them.  So this could not be the reason, either.

Are Republicans in the Senate afraid of violence from domestic terror groups Antifa and BLM?  Perhaps they would be blamed for any violence, and that would affect their re-election chances.  But their states, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Missouri, have had few violent incidents from the above-named domestic terrorists.  So this does not seem like a good reason, either.

Conclusion: There is no reason Senate Republicans should vote for the Biden slate of electors.

We are left with the possibility of some crafty positioning.  McConnell, Thune, and Blunt may be pretending to roll over for the Democrats in order to help win the two open Senate seats in Georgia.  If they were to come out strongly now for the pro-Trump electors, that could sufficiently incentivize Democrat donors to open their wallets further and energize the Democrat base in Georgia to head for the polls and lead to a possible win for the two Democrats in the special election on Jan. 5 and the subsequent loss of the Senate to the Democrats.  This would be a disaster, as the Democrats could more easily enact their insane communist legislative agenda.  As usual, the cagey Turtle hasn't shown us all his cards.

Look in coming days for more solemn pledges by Senate Republicans to vote for the Biden electors come Jan. 6.  But just remember, this is politics, and the crafty Turtle may have something else entirely in mind.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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