Counterpoint: Tucker Carlson and the conservative circular firing squad

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It’s no secret that I admire Tucker Carlson, an honest, brave, and extraordinarily insightful commentator whose Fox News program was, until recently, the most popular program on cable news. With Fox News’ news operation calling Arizona for Biden early on Election Night, and subsequently dogmatically labeling Biden “president-elect” and often dissing those who question the legitimacy of the election tabulations of the mainstream media and the media’s proclamation of the winner, conservatives are infuriated at the network and all its personnel.

Dex Bahr today excoriates Tucker on these pages, but I must speak in his defense, for he is too important and honest to be thrown out with the bathwater, as it were.

First of all, Dex gets one thing wrong, when he writes:

Oh and by the way, if Carlson’s guest, Dr. Robert Epstein, documented all these instances of Google skulduggery, why is he sounding the alarm now and not before Nov. 3? 

In point of fact. Dr. Epstein has been a guest on Carlson’s program (and elsewhere) a number of times, going back years. This is simply a wrongful attack.

But that is a small error compared to the larger principle that the conservative tendency toward forming up circular firing squads is self-destructive. Someone who agrees with me 80% of the time and disagrees 20% is not my enemy. But many conservatives are, for understandable reasons, purists. And, in the case Dex’s critique of Tucker, other than Tucker’s criticism of Sidney Powell last week, which has been covered extensively already including on these pages, the “sins” he enumerates are a matter of disputing Tucker’s choice of which elements of the election fraud to cover and which to not.

This is analogous to attacking Rudy Giuliani’s team of lawyers for focusing on conventional election fraud because they are not pursuing the voting machine theory of election fraud that Sidney Powell and her team are pursuing. I wish both teams success.

I have no idea what considerations have gone into Tucker’s choice of emphasis, and neither does Dex, I am reasonably sure.  But I do know that Tucker has endured a mob assembling outside his family’s house and pounding on the door. His face is well known to everyone who follows politics, including violent crazies of the James Hodgkinson stripe – the Bernie bro who almost assassinated  a large group of Republican Congressmen playing softball, gravely wounding Steve Scalise.

Tucker is brave and unflinching. That means a lot in my book.

I am largely ignoring the Fox News daytime news programming, but the opinion hosts at night, preeminently Tucker Carlson, continue to merit my  – and I think most conservatives’ – viewership, and respect.

As it happens, last night Tucker addressed the same circular firing squad phenomenon, in Georgia, where some conservatives are mad at the two GOP senate candidates and threaten to not vote for them, handing absolute control to the Democrats if Biden ends up as president.

I cannot identify a moral universe in which enabling Democrats in their announced plans to makes states of  DC and Puerto Rico and pack the Supreme Court is justified, giving Dems a free hand to enforce the Great Reset and ending the American Republic as we know it.

Image credit: Fox News, via shareable Twitter video, screen shot

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