Sidney Powell is right about the Venezuela angle in our election

By the time you read this, Sidney Powell may have released her Kraken on America in the form of a filing about election events in Georgia. Until then, though, there is a healthy debate about whether Powell can make the case that Dominion and Smartmatic, both of which played a role in the disputed states, have Venezuela ties that prove their connection to American fraud. Roger L. Simon has entered the fray, detailing what two informants told him as background about these two companies and their ties to Venezuela.

Writing at the Epoch Times, Simon, who tackles facts like a rigorous reporter of old but with the grace of the screenwriter and novelist that he is, talked to two men with first-hand knowledge:

This [truly epic, international fraud] was corroborated by discussions I held with two men in a position to understand a great deal of this fraud that they say originated in and still emanates to a great degree from Venezuela (with a little help from Cuban, Iranian, and Hezbollah friends, possibly others).

These men wish to remain anonymous because they fear for their safety operating in foreign territory as they frequently do.

One of them is a former CIA officer who served in the Directorate of Operations and as chief of station in several countries. The other is of Venezuelan birth and lives in the United States.

The story is long and complicated, but Simon makes it easy to understand, so I urge you to take the time to read it. However, let me give you a brief overview:

Venezuela is one of the world’s most prolific narcotics trafficking countries, something it does in conjunction with Iran. This means that, even as its people starve in the streets, it has tentacles that reach around the world. In the legitimate market, its socialist policies make it a nonentity; in the world’s crime market, it’s a big player. There’s lots of money in Venezuela, which means it has the means to set up highly sophisticated election fraud systems.

In 2003, Venezuelan citizens signed a petition demanding that Hugo Chavez subject himself to a recall election. Chavez needed a way to count votes that would ensure victory. The answer came in the form of Smartmatic, which three Venezuelan engineers founded in Delaware in April 2000. In 2004, Cuban intelligence got a wealthy Venezuelan to invest $200,000 in Smartmatic. That businessman, allegedly, is under DEA protection now.

With that infusion of cash, and with Smartmatic counting the votes, Chavez won. Since then, Smartmatic has been trailing, ghostlike, around the world, wherever socialism and corrupt elections can be found. We know former deputy UN secretary-general Lord Malloch-Brown, a socialist friend of George Soros, has a role in it. A 2006 Wikileaked email still tied it to Venezuela. The same email said that, through its subsidiary, Sequoia, Smartmatic was moving into U.S. elections.

But what about Dominion? Simon explains the connection:

Well, in 2010, after working more than five years for Smartmatic, the former vice president, development at Sequoia who was also their chief software architect, Eric Coomer, went over to Dominion Voting Systems as vice president of U.S. engineering.

Coomer is an active participant in something called the IEEE common data format for election systems. It’s all enmeshed.

If Coomer’s name rings a bell, he’s the man reputed to have Antifa connections and to have promised that he would ensure a Trump loss.

There’s much more in Simon’s article. I’ve just given you the briefest overview. It’s almost hard to believe all this is true – it reads like an international thriller – but we’ve seen it play out before our eyes. As Shakespeare could have written in Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the State of Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and Wisconsin….”

Image: Hugo Chavez votes in 2007, by Wilson Dias/ABr. CC BY 3.0 br.

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