Trust is on the ballot this year

There may be many upcoming runoffs in the 2020 election, but perhaps the most significant runoff will be between trust and power — trust in the election process versus control over the American people. There exist real and legitimate concerns that the 2020 presidential election should be discredited due to massive and systemic fraud. Uncovering such extensive fraud is not going to be easy, and any fair investigation takes time, but should America quickly select a winner in the interest of time?  It would be like the husband driving his family to their vacation destination.  His wife informs him that he is going in the wrong direction, and he responds, "But we're making great time." In a world where a rapid change in technology is the new norm, the opportunities for a system to be compromised will continue to exist. And if there is a level of fraud in the election process that alters the outcome of the results, shouldn't every...(Read Full Post)
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