Trump's trailblazers

There is a group of conservative women now in their mid-fifties to early seventies who are among President Trump's strongest supporters.  Let's call them trailblazers.  During the 1970s and 1980s, their generation ushered in the largest influx of professional working women into the ranks of predominantly "white-collar" male fields.

Trailblazers were a transitional generation.  They grew up with stay-at-home moms and office-working, rarely home dads.  Their families were often much poorer than their folks ever let on, yet they never really felt deprived.  Many were the first female professionals in the family tree, first at working outside the home full-time while raising children, doing the daycare shuffle.  Many fields were already long dominated by women before the trailblazers, such as teaching, caregiving, cleaning, clerical, secretarial, and nursing.  The trailblazing women I speak of put the meat on the bones of the working women's movement in nontraditional fields such as engineering, law, business, and the hard sciences.  They were not the marchers for feminist rights and sexual freedom in the 1970s.  But they knocked on doors of opportunity that surfaced a decade later, before the goals of the late 20th-century women's movement were vitiated by the radical left in this century.

Trailblazers were smart enough to get strong grades in male-dominated subjects and professions, and they stepped into those classrooms with just a bit of fanfare.  Trailblazers were the first ever professional females in all-male engineering, accounting, and law firms.  It was as if their failure or success would forever keep those corporate doors open or shut to the next wave of female hires.  To compete, they had to shine.  And it was fun to sparkle.  Sure, they had breaks.  Affirmative action was in full bloom.  Men passed over felt rightfully indignant.  But for every advantage, there were multiple hurdles.  Trailblazers were doers and achievers, not whiners and complainers.  They wanted to earn and own their accomplishments.  They were far from frail yet added grace and charm, and they definitely needed a sense of humor and tough skin.

The world has changed since the 1970s and 1980s.  The women's movement has since been hijacked by the political and cultural left and they make no room for conservative women.  Trailblazers were used like pawns playing by the liberal's rules and fronting their causes.  Now they are discarded like yesterday's newspaper because they have independent minds, love and respect strong men, value safety and tradition, and cherish God-given freedoms and liberty protected by the Constitution.  The trailblazers I speak of are moving into retirement — finding the time to rediscover and renew their brand of politics, life-guiding religion, powerful history, and family-centered principles.  They are awakening, moving their time and talents into the legions fighting to save America from socialist and Marxist takedown agendas.

Newly confirmed associate Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett represents everything the trailblazers were lauded for back in the day.  She stands on the shoulders of giants like Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female associate Supreme Court justice, nominated by President Reagan and appointed in 1981 by a Senate vote of 99-0.  Now the Girl Scouts can't even congratulate Justice Barrett without vitriol from the left.  Trailblazers were never asked their politics when they walked through the doors opened to them history book chapters ago.  Little did they know that their kind would be bashed and trashed decades later. 

The night Justice Barrett was sworn in on October 26, 2020 was profound: it was the night that saved America.  There's one central reason it came to be: the Constitution.  The political left knows this better than anyone, so now leftists claim that adherence to the Constitution is sexist, racist, and homophobic.  The appointment of Justice Barrett in 2020 is an American watershed victory.  Trailblazers are celebrating this momentous event, sharing telepathic fist bumps with each other.  They will turn out in tremendous numbers to vote for President Trump and are ready to help save America from the radical left.  Just like decades past, trailblazers aren't afraid of being outnumbered or standing out, and they are on the cusp of stepping up to make a huge difference again.

Image: Pxfuel.

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