Nigel Farage's resounding endorsement of President Donald Trump

It's said that outsiders have a clearer assessment than those closest to an issue or person.  This was never made more clear than when hearing Brexit leader Nigel Farage's comments during the Make America Great Again! rally in Goodyear, Arizona.  Farage succinctly made the best case to the thousands on hand and online on why President Donald J. Trump deserves re-election.

This president has been punished, since Day One, for daring to do (and undo) what Washington, D.C. demanded we accept.  President Trump has defied political wisdom and all of the longstanding mechanisms meant to keep us in our place while the D.C. elite flourished on the taxpayer dollar.  He's exposed corruption in almost every government agency and profession and in social media and has pushed back on the vengeful onslaught that would have sent any other Republican cowering.  His re-election prospects are so profound that the left has issued the "or else" threat of violence should its preferred candidate lose.

Farage reminded us that we're going to re-elect not just the president of the United States, but the leader of the free world, a title many other nations recognize and gladly observe when it comes to Donald Trump.  When he is re-elected, he'll know that millions of Americans and people around the world will have his back so he can finish the most important promise he made: to "drain the swamp" and give us back the government the Founders created for We the People.

Bob Parks (Black & Right) was the creator of MRCTV and a Republican congressional and state representative candidate.  His commentary can be found at

Image: Nigel Farage endorses President Trump.  YouTube screen grab.

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