Trump's legal team made its opening argument to the public

Shortly after noon Eastern Time, some Trump legal team members assembled for a press conference to bring the media up to speed about what Trump’s team believes it can prove in terms of election fraud. For regular American Thinker readers, much of what they said was old news. For the media, though, it was new information, and they were not happy. Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell were the main speakers, with Jenna Ellis having a small backup role. Giuliani discussed the non-computer related shenanigans in the various jurisdictions. He asserted that the Trump team had collected hundreds of affidavits attesting to old-fashioned vote stealing. He talked about illegal ballots, which primarily came in via the mail, faked vote counts, and illegal efforts to prevent Republicans from observing the counts. Giuliani declined to make all but one of the affidavits available to the assembled reporters. His reason was simple: He knew that the media would immediately begin to harass the...(Read Full Post)
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