Time for an Election 2020 do-over, and here's how

As we expect, Joe Biden has announced himself a president-elect, and the media, his most faithful propaganda arm, ecstatically celebrate.  However, we do not need to panic.  We must combine a defensive and offensive strategy.  Here are my suggestions: One, launch peaceful protests nationwide.  Again, peaceful protest.  No riots.  It serves double purposes: showing support for our president and rejecting the results of the corrupt elections in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada.  The protests should demand a recount in those states. Two, the Trump campaign must extensively document voting irregularities and violations of election laws and file the lawsuits as soon as possible. Three, Justice Alito has ordered Pennsylvania officials to keep separate mail-in ballots received after Election Day.  But the Trump campaign must also try to secure the same order...(Read Full Post)
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