Celebrating, but the umps have not ruled on the replay

Can you imagine watching your favorite team on TV?  The runner is called safe at home, the local fans go crazy, but the umpires are huddling to watch the replay.  Then they announce that the runner is indeed out, and the home fans go from happiness to sadness.

Maybe it won't work out that way.  Maybe the umps will confirm that the runner was indeed safe.  Shouldn't the official game-scorer wait for the umps before he closes the game book?

I agree with Newt Gingrich:

If you want to see how much the fix is in, votes are still being counted, no recounts have started, challenges are ignored, 5 states are within one per cent but the media pack has declared Biden won.

I am one of those who accepts election results.  However, we have no official results so far.

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