Time for an Election 2020 do-over, and here's how

As we expect, Joe Biden has announced himself a president-elect, and the media, his most faithful propaganda arm, ecstatically celebrate.  However, we do not need to panic.  We must combine a defensive and offensive strategy.  Here are my suggestions:

One, launch peaceful protests nationwide.  Again, peaceful protest.  No riots.  It serves double purposes: showing support for our president and rejecting the results of the corrupt elections in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada.  The protests should demand a recount in those states.

Two, the Trump campaign must extensively document voting irregularities and violations of election laws and file the lawsuits as soon as possible.

Three, Justice Alito has ordered Pennsylvania officials to keep separate mail-in ballots received after Election Day.  But the Trump campaign must also try to secure the same order from the Court for the remaining disputed states.

Four, the president must order the DOJ and the A.G., and accompanied by the U.S. Marshalls, to secure the ballots received after Election Day, including those counted immediately after the six- to seven-hour break on early Wednesday, before they are destroyed by those who have ill intent.  If Hillary can destroy computer hard drives, shredding ballots is a piece of cake.  They must store the ballots in secured venues.  Ideally, as Newt Gingrich forcefully suggested in his interview on Hannity on November 5, this should have been done right after the states decided to stop counting the votes on early Wednesday.

Ultimately, the fairest and wisest course of action in this fiasco is for the Supreme Court to order a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada.  The recount can be completed within four weeks and mail-in ballots sent to those who solicited them.  Federal officials, campaign representatives, state officials, and independent observers will verify the ballots and monitor the vote count.

If Biden is so convinced that the majority of the voters in the disputed states support him, he should be confident enough to back this proposal.  Likewise, Trump must support this proposal as well because its premise is a fair and honest election.  No more campaigning.  The vote count must be completed at the end of the third week.  And no extension.

The 2000 election debacle in Florida involved only one state, and its ghost kept haunting Democrats and Republicans alike for years.  The latter were traumatized for being accused of stealing the election.  The former felt dejected, believing that an election was stolen from them.  Now we are talking about six states.

The world widely views the United States as the champion and model of democracy.  The majority of American people also believe in their democratic republic.  However, the last few days have greatly damaged the USA's reputation.  The only way to restore it is by showing everyone that we can clean up our mess and do this over again in good faith.

Corruption cannot be defeated in the Court only.  But it can certainly be a good place to start.

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