This election, there's always more evidence of wrongdoing

There's still a lot of new information emerging about Democrat shenanigans in the 2020 presidential election.  This post gathers some of those data.


U.S. attorney general William Barr formerly authorized the Department of Justice to look into voting irregularities in the 2020 election.  Finally!

To the extent people are becoming aware that Dominion Voting Systems is corrupt and corruptible, Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) pointed out that, before Biden's current "victory," House Democrats were also concerned about the risks Dominion posed.

The Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania concluded in a 2008 study that ES&S, which has machines in 42 states and two territories, is highly vulnerable to election interference.

Trump won record minority support in the 2020 election, something that is decidedly at odds with the Democrats' hysterical and endless cries of "racist."

Despite Biden's efforts to bully the General Services Administration into approving services for him associated with a transfer of power, the GSA has refused to do so.


Biden's constantly shrinking lead in Arizona is down to an 18,000-vote margin.  As of Monday morning, there were still 75,000 to 80,000 ballots left to be counted.

While you contemplate this information, remember that Fox News called Arizona for Biden on November 3.  While personality shows — Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, Maria Bartiromo, Judge Jeanine, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc. — stay true, there's something very wrong at Fox's core news services.  Indeed, the chyron on Tucker's Monday night show insistently referred to "President-Elect Biden."  The votes aren't all in, and the Electoral College has not spoken.  Being the "media-elected president-elect" doesn't count.


On Saturday, Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, sent investigators to Fulton County (which delivered significant numbers of votes to Biden) to check into an unspecified ballot "issue."  Apparently, the "issue" is important and could affect Biden's lead.


Over the weekend, Michigan's lawmakers (who have a Republican majority in both chambers) subpoenaed records from state election officials.

In Detroit, two observers who watched the absentee ballot counts have signed affidavits stating that they witnessed workers create new voter files using information from ballots.  In other words, they registered people after they voted, with all the voters so registered given a January 1, 1900 birth date.

A new lawsuit filed in Detroit includes an affidavit from a city employee claiming that her supervisors told her to backdate absentee ballots and ignore ballot discrepancies.

In a shocking breach of election security that leaves the voting system vulnerable to hacking, a signed affidavit claims that voting machines used to tabulate and adjudicate ballots at an absentee voting center in Wayne County were connected to the internet.

A lawsuit filed on Monday alleges that, on Wednesday at 4:30 A.M., tens of thousands of unsealed, unsecured ballots, all of which voted for Biden, arrived at Wayne County's election counting place in vehicles with out-of-state plates.  Workers then entered the names on the ballots into the system as newly registered voters born on January 1, 1900.


A whistleblower signed an affidavit stating that he witnessed people inside a Biden-Harris van opening, filling out, and then resealing ballots that had arrived in the mail.  When the workers realized the witness was watching, they formed a human barrier to shield their work.

A whistleblower signed an affidavit stating that election officials in Clark County, despite concerns about the validity of signatures on mail-in ballots, nevertheless counted those ballots.


Philadelphia's elections are notoriously corrupt.  A mere six months ago, a former Philadelphia judge of elections was convicted for accepting bribes to allow fraudulent ballots.

Lindsey Graham, who's waffling between Lindsey 1.0 and Lindsey 2.0, went full Lindsey 2.0 and called on the DOJ to probe allegations that post office workers were backdating late mail-in ballots.

Brian McCafferty, a registered Democrat and disenchanted ballot observer, recorded a video on November 5 telling about the process in Philadelphia:

Attorneys general in Missouri and Kentucky have joined an amicus brief supporting a lawsuit that Pennsylvania Republicans filed challenging the state Supreme Court's decision to give three extra days for mailed-in ballots to arrive, provided that they bear a November 3 postmark.  The two problems with this order are (a) the Legislature, not the court, has the sole power to change voting rules, and (b) the court-issued rules encourage postal fraud through backdating ballots.


The Wisconsin  Elections Commission allegedly told poll workers to fill out witness information on thousands of mail-in ballots that are invalid without properly completed witness information.  Keep in mind that Biden allegedly carried that state by just a little more than 20,000 votes.

The above information shows that ballot fraud is not confined to a few dozen here and a few hundred there in the big Democrat cities.  That's par for the course.  What we see here is ballot fraud on an industrial scale.  If this isn't stopped, America has officially become a third-world country, complete with utterly corrupt government systems.

Image: In-person voting in Virginia.  YouTube screen grab.