'Aggressive federalism' can save America

Law professor F.H. Buckley in his American Secession: The Looming Threat of a National Breakup writes:

Americans have never been more divided, and we're ripe for a breakup. The bitter partisan animosities, the legislative gridlock, the growing acceptable of violence [by the left] in the name of political virtue — it all invites us to think that we'd be happier were we two different countries. In all ways that matter, save for the naked force of law, we're already two nations.

That would be a divorce.  If that sounds too extreme — and to my ears, it does — Buckley offers an alternative.  He calls it Secession Lite.  Secession Lite would be accomplished through "aggressive federalism" and state nullification.  This is like an amicable separation between an incompatible couple.

Under aggressive federalism, significant power would be removed from Washington, D.C. and flow back to the states.  The Tenth Amendment would find meaning again after essentially being buried for decades by the Uniparty.  That amendment reads: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or the people."  To put it in simpler words, any power not specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution belongs to the states and the people.

Under aggressive federalism, things like abortion, homosexual "marriages," and banning prayer from public schools would never have been forced on a majority of states.  Aggressive federalism could also be augmented by an understanding that the states have the right to interpret the Constitution as they understand it.  This would be in sharp contrast to the present absurd situation where states — indeed the entire nation and all of its 330 million people — are forced to obey the rulings of nine almighty justices sitting in Washington and living their lives in the Washington bubble.

State nullification means that states would simply refuse to carry out federal dictates they deem highly objectionable.  As Professor Angelo Codevilla argues, the feds simply lack the manpower to enforce federal laws and edicts on recalcitrant states.  President Trump found that out in the matter of sanctuary cities and states and the enforcement of marijuana laws.  Employing state nullification, states could restrict all manner of federal mandates while simply daring federal government to interfere.

State nullification is confrontational.  But it would be needed to breathe life into the enhanced federalism and the Tenth Amendment.  That's because the ruling class grew rich and powerful the more America concentrated power in the capital.  It is far easier for the elite to control Washington than it is for them to control independent-minded states within a federation.  That would be like herding fifty cats.  As such, expect the establishment and all their lackeys in the media and in the deep and administrative states to fight tooth and nail against "aggressive federalism."  This will be a titanic struggle between the entrenched power of the elite and the will of the people.  

Joe Biden in his premature victory speech on Sunday vowed to be a president for all.  Like much of what Biden said on the campaign trail, that was a lie.  Biden will bring peace to the country as long as the millions of deplorables like myself fall in line with the progressive agenda that he and his Democrat Party represent.  For proof, listen to Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Senate minority leader.  He is already announcing if the Democrats end up winning the Senate, they will change the country.  There should be no doubt that he'll surely try.

So it boils down to this.  Either we comply to be ruled by the liberal elite, or we bring about a fundamental change in how our republic is structured and governed.  I know what side I'm on.

Image: Raymond1922A.

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