The Supreme Court must test universal mail-in ballots

A word to those who gather to celebrate Biden's prematurely-called "victory": Just remember that while you are dancing in jubilee, the Iranians, the Chinese, and ISIS are in harmony with you.

Trump was never the problem.  He was but the last cry of America.  Still, the opposition will make an example of him and his family in ways Americans have never seen before.

As a native of Egypt, I have lived this story many times.  I pray that I won't ever live it again, especially here in the United States, the last beacon of humanity, the last hope for our earthly life. 

The Judases and the Brutuses of our times are ready to strike.  I fear that the people around the president will force him to accept this outcome or, worse, leave him high and dry to face it alone while they run for their lives.  They should not.

America is worth fighting for.  I know this in a way only those of us who have lived under tyranny can know.  And we can fight and win.

The scenario for a reversal has been long in the making.  In 2002, the Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act (H.R. 1604, S. 3299) allowed "solicited" mail-in ballots without requiring the voter to state cause for requesting his ballot by mail.

This year, in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, operatives exploited the "pandemic" to expand the use of unsolicited mail-in ballots without any congressional authorization.  No court, including the Supreme Court, has examined whether those ballots are unconstitutional, but that inquiry should and must be done.

Sending mail-in ballots based on lists and without a voter's request opens the door to a mess.  In case these unsolicited mail-in ballots are unconstitutional, then all unsolicited mail-in ballots must be tossed out, even if we must endure the agony of a rerun.  This issue makes the Supreme Court of the United States the very last firewall against the ongoing coup d'état.

To those who are celebrating the demise of electoral justice, I have seen so many of you in other nations before.  I have been around sheep all my life.  They tend to make a lot of noise; they never attempt to save themselves by holding their ground or even running; and they bleat all the way to the slaughter.  Shame will come only to those of you who allow yourself to be led.

Biden's corrupt political career is one for the history books.  It spans decades full of lies, profiteering, and extortion, as well as personal and family scandals.  His lack of dignity and decency made him the best pawn to end the American experiment.  Harris is just like him.  She would sell anything, and I mean anything, to satisfy her ambitions.

With people such as Biden and Harris expanding their political power, even as COVID-19 damaged our economy, it also hurt the democratic process.  Democratic operatives are capable of manipulating and distorting the electoral system to advance their economic and political agenda.

America deserves a fair election that is above reproach.  After all, the peaceful transition of power is conditional on a fair and just election.  We have to fight this scam very hard, not just to keep the White House, but to have a country.  The survival of the American experiment depends on us fighting this battle.

My only solace at times of trials, especially those ripe with injustice, is that God always wins, and He is still on His throne.  Our faith in Him, though, does not mean that we do not have a responsibility to act.

I am calling on every free American to gather in front of its doors shouting in one voice, "Save our republic!"

I trust that the 72 million who voted for Trump and many who voted for Biden will put the United States first.  This is not about Trump or Biden, but about America and the republic for which it stands.  Who is with me?

Image: Archibald MacNeal Willard's "The Spirit of '76."  Public domain.

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