The media are complicit in the fraud we see today

The Founding Fathers always worried that American democracy — which was a grand experiment — could be corrupted from the inside.  They were right to be worried.  In the past four years, we've witnessed America's enemies trying to rig democracy.  Those efforts came to fruition with the recent election. There are innumerable signs showing this rigging.  Some of the most common signs come from the media, which ignore blatant evidence that justifies indicting, arresting, or, at minimum, questioning Democrat elected officials.  The media's been doing this all year, especially with regarding to Biden. On November 15, 2020, Ukraine announced that Biden is wanted in that country on Class A felony charges.  The former president, Viktor Poroshenko, is on trial for corruption and treason.  We know Joe Biden's role in this because he boasted about it.  There are...(Read Full Post)
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