73 million people can be a formidable group

While the number may be even higher when the smoke clears, we know that at least 73 million people voted for President Trump's re-election.  We also know this is an honest number.  Regardless of the outcome of the fraud challenges, these 73 million people need to think about what they can do.

There are those in the Republican Party who opposed Trump all along, the self-styled NeverTrumps.  Despite the president's enormous successes, these still oppose anything Trump.  Sadly, their hatred for one man was stronger than their love for their country.  They just don't see the writing on the wall that a healthy portion of America, Republicans and even some Democrats, were fed up with do-nothing politicians.  They wanted someone who would fight for them and push back against the left and the Deep State.  That man was Donald Trump.

The Republican Party has something of a dilemma on its hands.  To survive and fight for America the way President Trump has done, the party will have to change.  Either the NeverTrumps need to leave the party, or the 73 million Trump-supporters will.  If we, as I am in that latter group, leave and form a new party, be it the American Party or whatever, I submit that a lot more people who have identified as Democrats would join us, given that the Democrat Party has been hijacked by radical leftists.  A recent Rasmussen poll showed that approximately one third of Democrats believe that the election was stolen from Trump.  No one likes cheaters.  There are more than enough good people who still love America for such a new party to be a success.

What can 73 million people do?  We now know that the big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and the like are supportive of the left.  If a good portion of these 73 million people simply got off Facebook and Twitter and stopped buying from Amazon, the impact would be huge. 

Similarly, it is obvious that the so-called MSM essentially elected Joe Biden by hiding the Hunter Biden stories that show corruption if not bribery in the Biden family.  Recent polls have shown that many Democrats said that, had they known about Hunter Biden and Joe's corrupt dealings, they would never have voted for Biden.  This number is large enough to have denied Biden a victory or would at least have required even more cheating.

It's time to end their power.  Trump and his supporters should establish news outlets that report all the news and totally abandon network news, leftist newspapers, and cable news.

The same goes for Hollywood, the NBA, the NFL, and any other entity that tries to tell us how to think.  Close accounts with those financial institutions who say they will not finance or do business with anyone in the firearms industry.  Don't deal with companies who cave to the P.C. crowd.

Yes, 73 million people can be a formidable group.  The enthusiasm is there.  Let's harness their power for the good of the nation.