The media are complicit in the fraud we see today

The Founding Fathers always worried that American democracy — which was a grand experiment — could be corrupted from the inside.  They were right to be worried.  In the past four years, we've witnessed America's enemies trying to rig democracy.  Those efforts came to fruition with the recent election.

There are innumerable signs showing this rigging.  Some of the most common signs come from the media, which ignore blatant evidence that justifies indicting, arresting, or, at minimum, questioning Democrat elected officials.  The media's been doing this all year, especially with regarding to Biden.

On November 15, 2020, Ukraine announced that Biden is wanted in that country on Class A felony charges.  The former president, Viktor Poroshenko, is on trial for corruption and treason.  We know Joe Biden's role in this because he boasted about it.  There are also taped conversations in which Biden discusses using American money in a way that would end up protecting his son.

Ukrainians actually refer to our senate Democrats as Democorruptionists.  That's right.  A country we often add the qualifier "corrupt" to thinks we are a joke.  Think of this: Vice President Biden concocted a scheme where he would perform certain favors with taxpayer money for a personal benefit.  Ukrainian investigators have traced the transfers of millions of dollars from Ukraine to the Biden family.

The American media completely ignore Joe Biden's role in this scheme.  Viktor Poroshenko is looking at life in prison, and the media have anointed Joe Biden as the American president — and it is Ukraine with the corruption problem?  The media choosing sides breeds corruption.

The media, with help from the tech giants, has also hidden past election fraud.  For example, famed attorney Lin Wood says that the voter fraud scheme in 2020 got trial runs in 2016 and 2018.  However, Google and YouTube make it almost impossible to find links to information about either fraud or Lin Wood's statement.  These entities are setting and driving the narrative.

In September, Russia Today summarized a report explaining exactly how the Democrats intended the election to play out.  Hawkfish, the Bloomberg funded data analytics firm, prepared a report prior to the election for Democrats that told them that Trump would have an enormous lead at the end of the night.

This landslide would be the most one-sided result since George HW Bush dispatched Michael Dukakis by 426 votes to 111 in 1988. However, according to Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn, it would be a "red mirage."

In the days after, a steady trickle of mail-in ballots would swing the vote back in Biden's favor, and could see the Democrat win by 333-204, according to one modeling prediction. A victory for Biden in this scenario would take nearly a week, with 15 percent of mail-in ballots counted every day. 

Trump understood the implications:

Wake up, America!  Our democracy has been attacked.  Joe Biden should have never been this close to the levers of power in this country.

Democrats who have not participated in this corruption must step forward now and add bipartisan condemnation to this attack upon our country.  The media's choice to hide Biden's conduct with Ukraine was a direct attempt to thwart the will of the people.  Those responsible need to be brought to justice.  For much for the world, America is an example, and it needs to lead the way. 

With everything coming to a head on November 3 through 4 — the successful selling of a corrupt former vice president, combined with a rigged election — all top Democrats should be scrutinized.  Whoever receives intelligence briefings needs to be closely scrutinized.  Once Americans understand the seriousness of this, Democrats need to cooperate with investigations immediately.

What's happening in America is too big to ignore accidentally and Americans know that.  Instead, the media are actively ignoring it.  The billionaire class through media and tech censorship has weaponized information against the American people.  It is no exaggeration to claim that CNN is the propaganda arm for this operation.  Those at the heads of the news organizations are in on this attempt to thwart the will of the American people.

The jig is up, but you can still see those blindly spewing the propaganda against their own citizens.  These people should never be trusted again.

This large-scale, national fraud is why the Founders decided that the popular vote does not elect the president.  They gave to state legislatures, which most closely represent the will of the people in a given state, the ultimate responsibility for choosing electors.  These legislatures need to be encouraged to step up and defend our democracy.

Image: Newspapers coming off a printing press.  YouTube screen grab.

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