The great COVID 're-set'

Thanks to the attention finally being paid to a speech last September by Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, those of us who see COVID being used an excuse to normalize authoritarianism and enact structural changes in the social and political order can no longer be dismissed as "conspiracy theorists."  Trudeau, whose brain seems to lack certain self-reflective circuitry, said out loud what the global elites have in mind in capitalizing on the opportunity for social engineering that the Wuhan flu presents.

Here is the short version of the self-incrementing speech he gave to a U.N. group:

If you can handle six full minutes of Justin, here is the context:

The ferocious lockdowns and mulling of mandatory mask-wearing are not scientifically justified, even though governors and others claim so.  They will, however, deliver a deathblow to restaurants, beauty parlors, and other small businesses, dashing lifetimes of work and leaving ripe pickings in the aftermath for the big chains.  Big companies skew left, while small business–owners are a core GOP constituency.  This is "structural reform" that liberal fascism thrives under.

Tucker Carlson gets it.  In his opening monologue last night, he did a great job of laying out the evil plot unfolding before our eyes.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab. 

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