AG Barr, where are you?

It is with desperation that Trump-supporters — those of us who are faithful to the Constitution and expect our elected officials to be faithful to it as well — are distraught at the rumor that Durham is giving up on his investigation of the coup-plotters, who broke every law on the books in their attempt to derail the Trump presidency.

How can this be?  What has been shared with the public is more than enough to send many of the conspirators to prison for the rest of their lives, but as yet not one of them has even been charged with a crime.  We were led to believe that A.G. Barr and his team meant business, that they would expose the many and calamitous crimes these traitors committed over the nearly five years since Trump announced his candidacy.  We were led to believe they would seek and get justice for the president and all those in his inner circle who were so egregiously targeted by that group of self-appointed elitists, who sought to destroy his candidacy and then presidency.  Indictments were to come before the election, but they did not.  Now the D.C. gossip is that Durham is dropping his investigation altogether in fear of a Biden administration backlash!

Is there a person in the DoJ who is not a craven coward?  It seems not.

What is to become of America if those elected to govern are so invested in increasing their own wealth and power that any real concern for the people of their districts or states is dispensed with the moment they win an election?  That is what the elected Democrats did once Trump became president.  So offended by President Trump's win in 2016, the Democrat party vowed then to do anything and everything in their power to never let such a person, an outsider with a pro-America, non-globalist vision, to win again.

They vowed to lie, cheat, and steal the next election, and they have done exactly that.  May the truth come out and their subterfuge be exposed.  President Trump clearly won the election on November 3.  He won it so decisively and so early that the left's planned cheating kicked into gear so conspicuously that it has been revealed for all to see.

Mail-in ballots were the tip of their crafty plan, the simplest way to cheat.  No IDs, no signatures required.  Ballots could be accepted for days after November 3.  They thought of everything.  The partisan Mark Elias plotted and planned for years to foil a Republican win forever.  Elias and his cohorts are simpatico with those who have supported Venezuelan dictators Chávez and Maduro; states were convinced to buy and use Dominion, the voting machines that can easily be programmed to spit out the numbers desired.  It's a globalist thing!

The authoritarians who are so certain they are entitled to tell us all how to live do not have a bit of respect for fairness, truth, or democracy.  Like Obama and his acolytes, Fauci and his fellow tyrants, we are meant to kneel and obey, to capitulate to their every whim of population control.  COVID is their dream come true.  It has become a means to their desired end.

For nearly four years, the left focused on nothing but the destruction of Donald Trump.  When William Barr was appointed A.G., we thought justice was within sight.  But that was not to be.  Barr appointed Durham, and Durham, it is rumored, has dropped the ball in fear of a Democrat administration. 

Caricature by Donkey Hotey, CC BY 2.0 licence.

Can this be true?  Has this veritable giant of the legal community, given the criminals of the Russia hoax a pass?  If it is true, then America is well and truly over.  If it is true, the America people are being deprived of their essential and guaranteed constitutional rights just as the citizens of Cuba, Venezuela, and China are deprived of their basic human rights.  If our Constitution and our laws can be entirely ignored by elites with power, we are no longer a nation of laws.  And if, as the evidence suggests, this election is being stolen by massive vote fraud in certain swing states, in part by the same voting machines devised to program a winner, as they did several times in Venezuela, we are indeed a fallen nation.

Joe Biden's 47 years in office have been tainted by his countless lies and limitless plagiarism and corruption that has made his entire family fabulously wealthy.  He accomplished nothing in office.  His "shining" moments were when he got to publicly humiliate Robert Bork and then Clarence Thomas at their respective confirmation hearings.

Biden is not a good man, an honest man, or a wise man.  He is beholden to China; the Chinese own him.  If he is inaugurated, we will all be in for a difficult four years.  The freedoms we have taken for granted for 244 years will slowly disappear.  His chosen chief of staff believes speech should be restricted.  And we all know what he and Kamala think of the Second Amendment.

Many of Biden's advisers are on board with Robert Reich's idea of "truth and reconciliation commissions" and "blacklists" in order to punish any and all Trump-supporters.  This is pure communism of the Chinese variety. 

So, beware, Biden supporters — you may not like what a Biden administration will bring.  It will very likely be a socialist drive toward communism, all in the name of the "great reset."  That is exactly what the lockdowns are all about.  If A.G. Barr and the rest of those charged with upholding our Constitution, protecting the freedoms it guarantees, and using all the power they have to protect the sanctity of our elections do not do their appointed jobs with dedication and love of country, we are lost.

"The horror of Communism, Stalinism, is not that bad people do bad things — they always do.  It's that good people do horrible things thinking they are doing something great."

—Slavoj Žižek

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