The fight is now, not later

Let us put this election fiasco in a simple context.  Since Trump won the election in 2016, the left has one and only one mission: to remove or defeat him at any cost and at any means.  Leftists tried every trick on the book.  They even invented one: Russian collusion.

And now are we supposed to believe they have repented and behaved like fair-minded and honest people?

This election was their last chance.  It's now or never.  Otherwise, they will be buried by Trump politically.  Some of them will likely face justice for their criminal conduct.  The swamp will be drained.  With the potential of economic recovery and continuing growth to 2024, Trump could be the most famous American president ever since Washington.

Thus, one of the greatest political election scandals in history was born.  At least five states suddenly stopped counting votes.  In unison.  As if someone was coordinating them.  Five of them are democratically controlled states.  And Trump's train to victory was stopped on its tracks.  It has never moved since then.  Frozen.

What did the election officials and workers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona do during the break from the vote count?  It was about a six-hour break. It's long enough to commit foul acts.  In the dark.  As my grandmother used to say, "few good things happen after midnight."

Did they tamper with the ballots?  Did they transport prepared ballots from some secret places with almost all of them went for Biden?  Did they remove ballots that all voted for Trump and replace them with illegally produced all-for-Biden ballots?

I see only two outcomes of this fiasco.  One is huge peaceful protests nationwide to demand recounts in the problematic states.  Or Trump is the last Republican president.  Patriotic Americans who genuinely believe in democracy are now feeling heavily dejected, and I don't see that they will have the spirit to come back in the next elections.  It's not that they were not prepared to lose to a fair and honest election.  They are completely unprepared to face one of the greatest election scandals in history unfolded in front of their eyes.

COVID crashed our economy and killed jobs.  It has now badly damaged our democracy and could ruin the nation to a level no one could possibly imagine.  COVID was the reason for the massive mail-in voting.  But who can guarantee that the government and election officials in democratically controlled battleground states will not use the same trick again in future elections, sending millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots?  And it will be déjà vu all over again.

There is a reason California will never turn red.  But there is a very good chance that Texas or Florida will turn blue for a long time.  Just send millions of unsolicited ballots.

One may argue that the Republicans should accept Biden's presidency as the liberals had to endure the last four years of Trump.  But there are some big differences.

First, the deep collusion of the mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Democratic Party will continue.  They will be in full control of the narrative, burying Biden-Harris's corruption and elevating their policies like God-given mandates.  In contrast, they have tried obsessively, unfairly, and mercilessly to ruin Trump in the last four years.

Second, when Trump won in 2016, the left went nuts and constantly persecuted him.  If Biden wins a fair and square election, I am sad, but that's it.  We accept it and move on.  That's what we are.

Third, the Democratic Party is now controlled by the Bolsheviks and billionaires.  It is totally different from the Democratic Party of the three decades ago.  The old Democratic Party still genuinely cared for the middle class.  The new Democratic Party cares only about power and control.  And these Democrats will try to control us even more.  In contrast, President Trump has worked tirelessly to liberate us not only from the economic power of a foreign country, but also from excessive government regulations that impede businesses.

Fourth, with the Democratic Party's potential control of the Senate, the prospect of a permanent one-party rule is real.

So the fight against election corruption must be now.  Not later.  Because there will be no meaningful fight in the future.  The country will be a banana republic, controlled by one party, where the election-winners are even before any vote is cast.

We often hear that freedom is one generation away from extinction.  A more relevant one now is that freedom is one election away from extinction.  This is why President Trump must fight like hell against this election corruption to save the Republic.  Whether he will eventually be successful, his resolute, aggressive, and tenacious fight may well be the greatest fight he has ever done in his lifetime, including the last four years.

So I can see a third outcome: the Supreme Court will intervene to correct the wrongdoings and save this nation from becoming a banana republic.  This nation was founded by honest men, fought by sincere and brave men and women, and developed by hard-working and fair-minded people.

We cannot let it be destroyed by crooked and unfair people.

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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