Conservatives need to stop using GoFundMe

Einstein reputedly said the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome.  That definition applies to conservatives who keep turning to GoFundMe.  The fundraising site routinely lets the conservatives ride the first wave of donor enthusiasm, then shuts down the GoFundMe page and returns the money to donors, knowing that many will not make a second effort.  Matt Braynard, who has a plan for mapping how many dead people voted for Biden, was the latest GoFundMe victim.

On Thursday, in a post listing multiple examples of probable voter fraud in contested states, I ended by saying one person was being proactive about stopping some of the fraud:

With the dead having risen from their graves in so many states, a different kind of help is on the way: Matt Braynard made a successful GoFundMe pitch for a study that will allow him to compare to the Social Security Death Index all requested absentee ballots or early votes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

When I wrote those words, Braynard had raised over $100,000 and was asking people for another $150,000 to expand and speed the project.

By Friday, GoFundMe had shut Braynard down.  In his new crowdfunding effort, at GiveSendGo, the "#1 Free Christian Crowdfunding Site," Braynard explained what had happened:

We raised $220k on GoFundMe before we were deleted for "Prohibited Content." None of the money was disbursed to us.  This is the same platform that raises money for bail for terrorists. Help us out by 2x'ing what you gave before to help make up what we lost. 

As of this writing, Braynard has recovered only $73,816 of the original amount he'd raised.  Many of the original donors may not even realize yet that GoFundMe gave them back their money.  Additionally, it's not likely that all the people who originally donated will make an effort to discover if Braynard has a new crowdfunding site.  After all, donations are often an impulse, and impulses don't always strike twice.

This is not the first time GoFundMe has shut down a successfully conservative request for funds.

The site shut down a request for a black Proud Boy member who lost his front teeth when an Antifa bully punched him.  The request had already earned $27,000 from 1,300 people.

The site shut down a GoFundMe page that Candace Owens had set up for an Alabama bar-owner who had sent a private text message calling George Floyd a thug (which the ex-felon was).  The recipient publicized the message, at which point the leftist mob called for a boycott.  The request had earned $205,000 when GoFundMe shut it down.

The site shut down the efforts of a father with a gender-confused daughter to raise funds for billboards saying "puberty is not a medical condition" and urging that people read Abigail Shrier's book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

The site shut down fundraising efforts to raise legal fees for Kyle Rittenhouse.  Notably, GoFundMe was comfortable with a fund for the family of "hero" Anthony Huber.  Huber had a past conviction for trying to strangle someone in a domestic abuse case and had tried to beat Rittenhouse to death with a skateboard (or, as a sympathetic CNN described him, Huber was a  man "armed with nothing but his skateboard").

Speaking of allowing fundraising for sleazy lowlifes, GoFundMe kept open the fund for George Floyd, an ex-con with a violent history, who resisted arrest and who died from the effects of a massive drug overdose and obesity.  His fund raised millions.  Additionally, as Braynard noted, GoFundMe is happy to fund bail pleas for Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists.

It's time that conservatives stop bothering with GoFundMe.  It's inevitably a waste of money for them because it sucks up the initial enthusiasm for a cause, only to shut down the effort.

If you want to stick a thumb in GoFundMe's corporate eye while helping a good cause, think about donating (or re-donating) to Matt Braynard.

Image: GoFundMe screenshot edited by Andrea Widburg.