America: All bets are off

The reason traffic lights and stop signs work, to the extent they do, is a mutual unwritten agreement among people to obey traffic signals.  If not, we would have crashes on every corner of every city, which would quickly devolve into its own version of the Demolition Derby.

As to the United States, I believe that the corruption, which has always been with us, has finally hit that famous tipping point and shoved the entire paradigm over, crashing it to the ground, and with it our ability to entertain any hope the United States is a nation built on the notion of the common good and the idea of this mutual unwritten agreement and the duty that comes with it.

I am not suggesting that the country is  coming apart or dissolving, but that those sacred bonds in the minds of men that underpin the cohesion of this or any other nation have finally been fractured to the point that our path forward now becomes an open wound.  Can it be treated, healed, or is this injury one that turns gangrenous, forcing drastic measures?

Some may laugh, but I feel this tipping point is now a subject on the minds of many — a psychic injury, and sometimes they can be the most treacherous of all.  And I do not use the term gangrene lightly, as I am acutely aware of its historical significance.

The last five years have been a tragic testament to what has become known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Notice that annoyance or even irritation are not the words used, but the more accurate term "derangement," which is quite properly employed.  Large sections — not all, but large swaths of our country have become clinically deranged by the words and actions of Donald Trump.  This is not really surprising.

For many leftists, their beliefs left the building long ago and morphed into this sort of revealed religion, with its very own secular deities, saints, rules, and strict blasphemy laws.  As Trump has challenged the orthodoxy of their new religion, these leftists have reverted back to the law of the jungle, where might makes right, and when fighting such obvious evil, anything goes.  For the greater good, all bets are now off.

Their unremitting hostility morphs into their marching orders from a war being waged only in their minds.  But it is sadly real for them, as real as it gets.

The actions of the now completely discredited media, Hollywood, Big Tech, and the universities with their ridiculous Critical Race Theory have all come together to foster mayhem.  Make no mistake about it: our university system is now a propaganda machine that can rival anything Soviet Russia possessed in its heyday.

Make no mistake about this, either: this ongoing, allowed lawlessness in our Democrat-run cities directly contributes to the illegal actions we see now with election-tampering and fraud.  It is a breakdown of both civility and civil law on an unprecedented scale, at least for this country.

I wish the country and ourselves well, but this is only a wish, not a  prediction.  The harm done to this country, especially in the last five years, is truly incalculable.  The mainstream liberal establishment's silence and occasional edentate mumblings have taken a horrendous toll on our country.  Any nation that allows protracted periods of lawless mobs running wild fosters more and bigger lawlessness, as we are now seeing.  It's the inevitable outcome.

When society breaks down, when the law is openly flouted, when drivers start running red lights and stop signs, when people no longer honor our mutual unwritten agreement, then truly, all bets are off. 

Image: Alane Golden.

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