Republican unity will breed success

Even with legal challenges pending, one thing about the 2020 elections is clear:  Republicans are unified, Dems are in discord.  Republican diversity is healthy, with commitment to an uplifting and affirming agenda; Democrats are getting “f***** torn apart,” according to Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger.  Members of the Democrat conference at each other’s throats.

Even if the presidency is stolen, the Fox News decision desk director Arnon Mishkin (hardly a Republican stalwart) said, “[t]he Republican Party is pretty well positioned for a party that just lost the presidential election.”  Quite right, considering Republicans far outperformed Dems in Congress, potentially crippling Pelosi’s power should she even remain Speaker.  In state races, Republicans gained three legislative chambers, which is important with redistricting looming.  Not only is it the year of the Republican woman, but more minorities are embracing the wholesome, all-American, unifying message of the Republican Party.

In his bestselling book Enlightenment Now, cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker shows in painstaking detail how life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge and even happiness are on the rise worldwide. Pinker identifies reason, science, and humanism as core enlightenment values that have contributed to the betterment of the human condition; all three of these values can be seen through the prism of enhanced consciousness underpinned by integrated knowledge.  While Republicans integrate diverse constituents, unenlightened Democrats demonize, casting their opponents as enemies.

An antonym of integration is disintegration, something the Dems pursue in their insidious identity politics; ironically, it is they who seem to be disintegrating, as evidenced by losses across the political spectrum this cycle as a blue wave became a red undertow.   They may have a pyrrhic victory, but the emperor, or the pretentious President-elect, has no clothes.  And not much of a brain left, either.  

As Senator Marco Rubio of Florida recently reminded us: “Not all Democrats are socialists, but all socialists are Democrats.” There is deep division between the radical socialist wing and the likes of Rep. Spanberger.  Many progressives are so ideological that they have no capacity for integrating complex information as they police our speech, politics and culture in search of non-minorities to torment. 

It’s said “idle hands do the devil’s work,” but it’s really idle minds that get up to mischief.  Rather than enlightenment induced by enhanced consciousness, you get sociopaths with an arrested conscience as they callously cancel culture, perpetrate politics of personal destruction, and undermine the cherished “one person, one [legal] vote” principle in their desperate quest for corrupt power.  Their consciousness is but that of zombies.  Improperly “elected” Biden may call for unity, but woke multiculturalism as promulgated by regressive “progressives” leads to fragmented societies.

Pinker also wrote the bestselling Better Angels of our Nature, which details the correspondence between the reduction in violence with evolution of human nature as reflected by ever-increasing levels of empathy, self-control, morality and reason.  Empathy, in particular, “prompts us to feel the pain of others and to align their interests with our own."  Which is not much different from biblical admonishments to love thy neighbors as we love ourselves.  This unifying message of alignment is largely why the Republican Party is the party of inclusion.  Conversely, the discordant Dems propound peevish progressivism which maligns rather than aligns. 

It’s plausible that our darker side -- evil itself -- reflects diminished consciousness.  Part of the definition of sociopath is being oblivious to others’ feelings, of lacking empathy or the appreciation of the consequences of one’s impulsive actions.  This is not unifying humanism reflective of our better angels, but zero-sum, Squad-like progressivism.

Not much comes darker than Ocasio-Cortez’s intention to make a list of Trump supporters, or Buttigieg supporters’ “Trump Accountability Project.”  That is so anti-American, so divisive, that more Republican success portends next election time.  They should easily defend 22 out of 34 Senate seats in 2022, and a Republican majority in the House (especially in the first mid-term of a new president’s term) beckons. 

Biden may call for unity, but he’s rather sleepy and pathetic; come tomorrow morning he may even think he just won a Senate race.  One thing is for sure: once the “honeymoon” is over, he won’t be able to control the savage zombies in his party. Conversely, Republican inclusiveness and unity will breed more success, presuming we can quell election fraud.  

Image: GDJ, OpenClipArt 

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