Going the distance

The left brazenly pushes ahead with its effort to steal the election.  Though expected by anybody who follows events, it makes you queasy to think that so many are so deluded.  How do you get there, that place where facts don't matter, where civility is jeered at and decency mocked?

I used to think it's in how you're raised.  Some of it is.  I used to think it's mental incompetence.  Some is.  I used to think it's naïveté, and there is some of that, too.

Beyond all that is so many people seemingly corrupted in their souls.  They don't care what happens so long as they get their way.  Yet often they can't even articulate what that is.  I've met so many liberals who don't know what partial-birth abortion entails, or why the 2nd Amendment matters, or why facts must outweigh narrative.  You can't even talk to many of them for all the shouting and insults.

In this environment, the media proclaim Joe Biden the president-elect.  Artie Johnson would say, "Veddy interesting.  But stupid."  Um, not entirely.  It's about intimidation.  Not all states require their Electoral College electors to vote the way their state voted, and the media are trying to scare these into voting Biden even if they broke for Trump in the vote.

What to do about this whole fraudulent-election mess?  We could mirror the left and meet them in the streets — Kristallnacht for fun and adventure.  But apart from not being our way, that would hurt our own guys — it's Trump voters who own the businesses that get wrecked and crisped.  We need to persuade the other side, in a way that skirts corrupt judges, to knock it off.

We could try out-frauding them.  Imagine our guys racking up 600 million fake pro-Trump votes.  Their side would counter with 600 million + 1 fake Biden votes.  Our guys, keeping an eye on CNN, would up the ante to, say, 700 million.  They then go to 700 million + 1.  At some point, the futility of fraudulent elections might — might — become clear to those who need to be convinced.

The right way to fix a busted election system is to bring the crooks to justice and trundle them off to prison for a few decades.  That, in fact, is what we Trumpers look forward to.  We can't wait to chortle at Joe Biden rattling chains alongside his old buddy Corn Pop at Leavenworth.  We would really like to see Hillary in the stocks, but, sadly, nobody sells those kinds of stocks anymore.

Real justice would bring the left into the streets with ever greater ferocity.  But we normals have come to expect that.  We're no longer sitting ducks for vermin.  We recognize that the time is near when a real fight is going to break out no matter what.

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