A liberal journal exposes Fauci

"Whitewashing AIDS History" was written by Sean Strub, a longtime advocate for people living with AIDS.  Strub accuses Fauci of rewriting his role in handing the AIDS crisis in America.  Bear in mind that the article was published six years ago.  This is long before Fauci was revered by the media and half of America for his handling of COVID-19.  Here is my summary:

  1. Fauci was the "pandemic czar" at this time (1980s).
  1. A group of physicians implored Fauci to provide national guidelines for a generic drug that was saving the lives of their patients (Bactrim).
  1. Fauci refused to acknowledge their evidence and did not lift a finger to have the NIH test the effectiveness of this drug.
  1. Fauci told the public there was "no data" supporting the effectiveness of this generic medication and even discouraged physicians from following this protocol.
  1. Fauci promoted exclusive use of the extremely expensive retroviral product (AZT).

Substitute the words "2020, hydroxychloroquine, and Remdesivir" for all words in parenthesis and you summarize Fauci's current policy on COVID-19.

We now know that Bactrim works, because in 1990, this drug was approved by the FDA for treatment of AIDS as a result of clinical trials financed by AIDS patients.  Nevertheless, an estimated 17,000 AIDS patients suffocated to death from bacterial pneumonia between then and the meeting with Fauci in 1987.  How the venerable immunologist was able to keep his job following this level of criminal negligence is a testament as to how the Deep State rewards style over substance.

I credit epidemiologist Harvey Risch for making me aware of this history on Life, Liberty, and Levin.  Dr. Risch estimates that over 100,000 American deaths might have been prevented with widespread access to hydroxychloroquine.

Your liberal/progressive friends are unlikely to read anything posted at the AT, so I recommend you share the original Huffington Post article with them and use my summary as supplemental ammunition.  This may serve as an effective "gateway" to chip away their confidence in the corporate media.

Image: White House

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