For Dems, parties hearty for us, no Thanksgiving for you

What's Thanksgiving season for us is hypocrisy season for leftist politicians, putting on masks for the cameras and demanding we all scrap America's most beloved holiday, while they party on. Here's their call: With the number of coronavirus cases rising in nearly every state, officials have a blunt message about Thanksgiving: Don't hold large gatherings this year. From coast to coast, governors and other officials are imposing restrictions ahead of Thanksgiving and pleading with residents to be cautious of the risk of transmitting Covid-19 in their homes or during their travels. And don't forget Dr. Shutdown himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was seen unmasked at a baseball game with non-household members. For him, the command is a Germanic-sounding call to 'obey':   Do what we’re told?  Screw off.  Thanks to the president, not Fauci, vaccines are on the way. —...(Read Full Post)
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