Jason Whitlock brilliantly explains how white liberals keep blacks subordinate and dependent on Democrats

I confess that my jaw actually dropped in wonderment last night when Jason Whitlock appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight (yes, still essential viewing — on Fox News) to explain the recent push to capitalize "Black" but not "white," as the Associated Press now demands.  I had plenty of reasons to scorn this move, but Mr. Whitlock was miles ahead of me, seeing the really big picture, making my understanding (a way of ritually humiliating whites) both incorrect and trivial in comparison.

This man is a genius — and, for the racialists who seek to keep African-Americans poor and loyal to the Democrats, the most dangerous man in America.

Take six minutes and watch this:

In case the video is deleted, the essence of his argument is that by capitalizing "Black," white libs make skin color the controlling attribute for African-Americans.  The justification the AP uses for its insistence on capitalizing is consistent with this.  Whites, Asians, and others, by contrast, define themselves by loving God, being intelligent, taking care of their family, or anything else that is the focus of their lives.  Only blacks (or Blacks, if you will) are defined by skin tone.

What makes this so pernicious is that the entertainment and news media define "Black" in extremely destructive ways, as exemplified by rap music, gangsta culture, and the like — modes of behavior guaranteed to keep 99% of those practicing them unsuccessful.

Jason Whitlock, I salute you!  You changed my mind, and I am grateful.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab

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