For Dems, parties hearty for us, no Thanksgiving for you

What's Thanksgiving season for us is hypocrisy season for leftist politicians, putting on masks for the cameras and demanding we all scrap America's most beloved holiday, while they party on.

Here's their call:

With the number of coronavirus cases rising in nearly every state, officials have a blunt message about Thanksgiving: Don't hold large gatherings this year.

From coast to coast, governors and other officials are imposing restrictions ahead of Thanksgiving and pleading with residents to be cautious of the risk of transmitting Covid-19 in their homes or during their travels.

And don't forget Dr. Shutdown himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was seen unmasked at a baseball game with non-household members. For him, the command is a Germanic-sounding call to 'obey':
As if masking down, shutting schools, and putting bars, gyms and restaurants out of business all these months has done such a great job of preventing this latest wave of COVID, which is now seeing a typical winter spike.
They don't believe that. They just demand you to believe it, and skip that Thanksgiving in tribute to their wisdom. But as for them, no need.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put out a big dinner gala for all the incoming Democrat congresspeople, ignoring the Thanksgiving shutdown she otherwise commnds to us 'crumbs' people. It's not enough to be well taken care of at the supposedly closed beauty parlor without a mask, as she's been seen doing. Nope, a big gala for her new congressional allies, an event whose purpose can only be to make the representatives cognizant of how little they need to follow rules they impose on the rest of us, so long as they stick to Nancy. 
Bad publicity forced her to convert it to a boxed dinner, based in part by criticism from even people on the left, the ones who post Twitter pictures of themselves wearing masks, as noted in this Mediaite post here, but the message has been sent: We will do what we want, and you'll go without Thanksgiving.



Her act, widely panned, came about the same time that California's Gov. Gavin Newsom got caught partying hearty at a beyond-fancy Michelin-starred famous restaurant in Yountville called French Laundry, where meals are served at $350 a pop. 
According to a scolding editorial from the center-left Sacramento Bee:
We certainly hope Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, enjoyed their dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant on Nov. 6. Because it will end up costing a lot more than $700 in terms of damage to Newsom’s credibility in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing will launder the stain of stupidity from his reputation after this ill-conceived outing.

You see, California’s millionaire governor didn’t just splurge on dinner for the sake of a romantic evening with his spouse. That might have been understandable, though still out of touch in a state where many are suffering the drastic economic effects of the pandemic.

No, Newsom voyaged to Napa County for an exclusive birthday dinner with his favorite lobbyist and longtime advisor, Jason Kinney. The dinner “included people from several households, the type of gathering his administration has discouraged during the coronavirus pandemic,” according to a San Francisco Chronicle story by Alexei Koseff.

“State guidelines limit gatherings, defined as ‘social situations that bring together people from different households at the same time in a single space or place,’ to no more than three households,” wrote Koseff.

Newsom, too, has backed away from his act, claiming he made a mistake. 
Always easy for most of them to do once they've been caught. After all, they don't face jail the way the defiant beauty parlor owner in Dallas once did.
But not all, we also have Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calling for lockdowns and zero Thanksgiving, fresh from dancing with the mobs in the streets to celebrate the election of Lockdown Joe, not all of them wearing masks. No Thanksgiving for you, but she's fine to party hearty in the streets because she feels like it.
According to Fox News:
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Friday defended her decision to implement a new round of lockdown orders, just days after she joined large crowds celebrating Joe Biden's election victory, saying that sometimes people need “relief” despite her recent calls to cancel traditional Thanksgiving plans.
Lightfoot was asked about critics who have scolded her for hypocrisy during an MSNBC segment that featured video of the liberal mayor in the middle of a “massive” crowd less than a week ago. 
“You can see the shot here. Mask compliance in our city is actually up very, very high,” Lightfoot said. “There are times when we actually do need to have relief and come together, and I felt like that was one of those times. That crowd was gathered whether I was there or not.”
How would the mask-enforcers have taken such an explanation if the miscreant on the spot were a barber or gym owner?
The other one not offering no apology is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who was last seen addressing an unmasked, un-socially distanced crowd Nov. 7:
Democrats of this kind know that masks are of limited utility and don't bother with them when they think no one's looking. But let someone in the Trump camp go without and days of media scolding will follow. Let some small-fry service business owners try to maintain some kind of normalcy and it's off to jail for them. And while they're at it, they don't want you to have Thanksgiving. Just skip your Thanksgiving and trust us, we will have the whole COVID thing over. Joe Biden ran for office bowing to this questionable and malleable  'science'  while wearing as President Trump pointed out "the biggest mask I ever saw."
The left believes none of this, and doesn't hold itself accountable for either its bad promises, or moments caught in the sunlight. The burden is entirely on the little people, as if how they celebrate their Thanksgiving is really any of their business. Obviously sick people shouldn't celebrate and the vulnerable should be protected. But for the vast majority, there's enough herd immunity to ensure the risk is small.
What isn't recoverable are the lost memories, the family members who don't make it to another Thanksgiving due to old age or illness quite outside COVID, and the lost memories of the young. This is sad stuff even if there were merit in the advice.
But with Democrats showing us their hypocrisy, there's a question as to why there's one set of rules for them, and one set for us.
Image credit: Pixabay public domain