Media lies about congressional Democrats' refusal to approve COVID aid

On the front page of my local Illinois newspaper, the State Journal-Register, and in the Washington Post, on Sunday is an article by Associated Press titled

In the third paragraph is this gem of investigative journalism:
"Democrats have been the most vocal in criticizing President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Senate for failing to act, but many are also sounding the alarm"
Not once in the article does it blame Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled House which actually is blocking the aid, the GOP and President Trump offered.
Even the Associated Press admitted as much a few weeks ago. Here was their headline on Oct. 20:

Pelosi dismisses latest White House coronavirus aid offer

Nor does the AP blame Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and the rest of the Democrats in the Senate for continually blocking aid the GOP and Trump offered, because they did that, too.

It really doesn't matter what the supposed journalists are writing about, the bias is always the same. 
Trump is blamed for all COVID deaths no matter what he has done and characters such as New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo get an Emmy as the media cheers, even as New York had the worst results. Cuomo's policy to send sick people into nursing homes caused immeasurable deaths and contagion, but he gets an Emmy?
It's no different from other things the media lies about in the name of promoting leftism.
To them, climate change is an existential threat and oil must go despite no scientific evidence that it causes climate change. 
Joe Biden's policies are buried throughout the election but are treated as moderate and necessary to the public. 
They also claim that Trump's rube cabinet is being replaced by experts.
Results don't matter, only that these faces are liberal. Trump gets Mideast peace and Obama/Biden and the experienced ones built up the terrorist-sponsoring Iran but Biden's choices are cheered.
In a poll, many Democrats said they would have changed their vote to Trump if they had known about the clear corruption of Hunter Biden. The story was buried for one reason only. To hide the truth from the voters. The media knows the story of the Biden kickbacks is true but corruption doesn't matter, only that Biden is a Democrat. It never mattered with 2016's Hillary Clinton, either. 
No matter how much fraud is shown in the election, the media mantra is that Trump is falsely and baselessly claiming electoral fraud. These are the same people who reported the Russian collusion lies for years as if it was true 
It really doesn't matter if the reports come from AP, WP, NYT, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, LA Times or Drudge. Chris Wallace and several others at Fox are just as biased. The reports are always biased to favor Democrats and their policies. 
It is no wonder that there is so little respect for journalists who are essentially just campaign workers for the Democrats and their policies and that makes them virtually worthless for people to be able to analyze which policies are best for the American people, especially the poor, middle class and small business.
The in fact choice is easy. 
Image credit: PXHere, public domain
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