Joe Biden's lapdog press is doing stupid pet tricks

Tom Wolfe probably didn't mean it literally when he described the groveling press, in his 1979 masterpiece, The Right Stuff, to say:

They’re on their knees. They’re slithering in the ooze. They’re interviewing the dog, the cat, the rhododendrons. … 

But in the Biden age, it's now literal. Here's what's "news" from the self-important Daily Beast:

It began when British daytime TV show This Morning provided Beth Lee-Crowther with pictures of Biden’s two German shepherds, Champ and Major.

As a pet psychic who performs animal communication using telepathy and “mind-to-mind communication,” Crowther, from the county of Worcestershire, uses photographs, or can just be in the same room as an animal, in order to begin—she claims—speaking with it. With their pictures, she says she forged a close relationship with Biden’s dogs—and wow, did they ever dish about their owner, as well as a “ramping-up” of his troubles with the non-conceding President Trump, moving into the White House, their master’s calmness, and even Biden’s plans to govern.

“The very first thing I got was that they were both very excited about moving to the White House,” Lee-Crowther told The Daily Beast. “I had a real connection, I felt that excitement of theirs. They showed me that Joe Biden is very bonded to his dogs, and has a real connection to them. They kept showing me that although he has rescued one of the dogs, the dogs feel in many ways they have rescued him.”

Wolfe was just throwing out some hyperbole, but were he alive today, he'd be stupefied to see that they've actually topped him. 

After that, it's gooey, glurgy, utterly fanciful hagiographic court flattery like this:

“The dogs describe Joe Biden to me as having a big personality,” Lee-Crowther said, “and they say to me that he’s a special man with great empathy for people and animals. They showed me that Joe cannot function without dogs in his life. He talks to them, they are a huge part of his life and who he is.

“They made me feel that he will make a great president. He loves to help people. They described him as being a big softy. He talks to them like they are people about his ideas, hopes for the future, if he is having a good day or a bad day, like how we would talk to a person about things. They showed me that he feels as if dogs do understand him. He also has a great sense of humor.”

Had enough? I couldn't read further.

What this crap amounts to is the press converting itself to oozing lackeys, janissaries, court eunuchs, and flatterers, in a sorry bid to play public relations agent to Biden as they foresee his move to the White House. Their flattery fluff is now beating like wings, in hopes they'll be first in line for scoops and from there, book deals.

And with Biden answering no questions from the press, other than what flavor of ice cream he ordered, they're desperate to fill space. In their case, they're calculating that it pays to flatter the king. Biden, well known as a nasty man who attacks little guys for asking uncomfortable questions, is known to have a gargantuan ego that demands to be fed a daily media diet of flattery, so this is their offering.

What this isn't, is journalism.

And there's hypocrisy too. Isn't this the same press that berates Donald Trump for saying things that are "baseless" and with "no proof" or "no evidence"? Suddenly, someone in the U.K. claiming to be a "pet psychic" with assorted flattering claims is now "facts."

One is tempted to dismiss this as pure garbage and leave at that, but to stoop to the press's level: There's a helluva lot of history of fraud from psychics such as this, and as if you needed to be told, just check the consumer ripoff sites.

The press claims to be all about 'facts' and constantly 'fact-checks' President Trump even with his most obvious hyperbole. But now that Biden is supposedly president-elect, this is what passes for "news."

Now they're bottling and selling this garbage. We often make fun of dictatorship hellholes for their lunatic fanciful press claims, whether of Soviet milk production, or the American army creating the coronavirus, 99% electoral turnout, or North Korean feats of strength, and all you have to do is ask Kim Jong Un.

The press leftists have taken that as a how-to guide. Look for more of this dictatorship-style drivel should Biden make it to the White House. Just when you thought the media couldn't sink lower, they do.

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