It's not about science, it's about power

On Friday, I heard a local radio talk show host say something extremely stupid about the COVID restrictions.

He said that even though there is no scientific data showing outbreaks from restaurants and bars, a common answer of people who tested positive was that they had been at a restaurant or bar in the previous two weeks so that justifies the lockdowns. That sets the bar extremely low for destroying businesses, individuals and jobs, doesn't it?
I bet almost every one of the people testing positive had also been to a grocery store and gas station as well. So should we also shut down those, too?
I bet most of them also ate meat and drank water. Maybe we should outlaw those, too.
I bet almost all of them have used toilets and toilet paper. Maybe we should put severe controls on them. Remove the flushers because the virus might hang around on those?
I am sure all of them have touched their faces and washed their hands frequently. There is clearly a direct correlation between the virus and soap. Should we stop selling soap until we get a vaccine?
My guess is almost all of the people testing positive have listened to the radio. There is a direct correlation so maybe we should close down all radio stations until the virus is gone. They certainly aren't essential. 
I am sure almost all people testing positive have worn a mask all or most of the time when they went to public places. Therefore, there is a much greater correlation between people testing positive who wore masks than the number that spread it from restaurants and bars. Therefore, we should clearly outlaw the masks shouldn't we?
Shutting bars, restaurants and schools when there is little indication that they are causing the problem is like getting rid of oil when there is no scientific data that show a direct cause and effect relationship between oil use, temperatures, sea levels and storm activity. 
This isn't about science. It is about control of all aspects of our lives. Viruses and climate change are always going to be around as they always have been. Are we going to allow powerful politicians to destroy the economy every time we have a contagious virus in the future? Every one of the Democrats-proposed policies involves transferring more power and money to the government and taking freedom from us. They are seeking to make as many people dependent on the government as possible as they beg for votes and power.  That will destroy our great country. The Founding Fathers wanted the government to work for the people, not the other way around. 
The greatest danger to our freedom, prosperity, physical, and mental health is listening or watching Democrat campaign workers, posing as journalists, spewing forth Democrat talking points and pretending they are based on facts and science. They are just pushing an agenda.
Photo illustratioin by Monica Showalter, with use of image from Public Domain Pictures, enhanced with PhotoShop.
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