'Lost votes' are fraud votes

Last Thursday, in my article "Examining the code, internet geeks conclude 'Trump's win was yuuuge,'" I introduced American Thinker readers to the 2020 presidential election analysis of Internet blogger "Pede," who (using data from the voting machines sent to intermediary Edison Research, which was then formatted and passed on to the media food chain) calculated, by states, how many votes had been electronically switched from Trump to Biden, and how many votes out of the total votes for all candidates were just "lost."
Or, as "Pede" describes it, "I made a script to run through the data and gather all instances where votes switched from Trump to Biden. 'Lost Votes' means that the total amount of votes counted decreased by that amount throughout the counting."
Which raises the question, Why should there be any "lost votes" at all? We currently have a coronavirus pandemic that's winding down, which has a death toll, a number that is constantly rising, never going into reverse - because people don't "un-die" and become subtracted from the death toll. Similarly, people don't "un-vote" in an election, causing the vote totals to drop. 
Of course, the answer is election fraud. And the "lost votes" measure the minimum amount of the fraud (the fraud could be, and likely is, greater).
The reason is that, when fake votes are put in the ballot boxes or are electronically created out of thin air, it inflates the overall vote totals for all candidates, and those totals have limits. For example, not more than 100% of all registered voters can vote in an election and, given the history of past elections, vote totals in any state over 90% of registrants are highly suspect.
Drilling down into voting patterns in each state, if voting for most of a state is (for example) at a rate of 73% of registered voters, but one county that has a corrupt Democrat-run city within it is "voting" at a 94% rate (because of extra fraudulent ballots), that sticks out like a sore thumb - especially if that same county voted at a 67% rate in 2016. To bring such a county more into line with the state rate, votes have to be electronically "thrown away". Since the objective of the fraudsters is to push the senile Biden over the finish line, it’s the votes for Trump that are discarded, leaving the extra fake Biden votes to be included in the total of all votes cast.
But that can't go too far, because a county that voted for Hillary 63%, Trump 34% in 2016 is not going to have "voted" for Biden 79%, Trump 18% in 2020, so Trump's 2020 vote percentage there cannot, at best, drop more than 1% to 3% percent below his 2016 percentage without being highly suspect. I surmise that in some cases the fraudsters may have "overshot" and ultimately had to also electronically discard some "votes" for Biden to bring things into line (must've killed them to do it!), so I'm going to be generous and estimate that about 15% of the "votes lost" were Biden votes, and 85% were Trump votes.
In states where not very many votes were electronically switched from Trump to Biden, that means that the votes electronically thrown away were on paper ballots - and those paper ballots still exist, and will be properly counted in any honest recount.
Remember, in a true recount, all of this electronic tomfoolery uncovered by "Pede" goes away. All that matters is the paper ballots being recounted, including the fraudulent ballots. At that point, which paper ballots get counted and which do not would depend on the outcome of legal challenges. Hopefully, enough challenges would be successful to weed out the paper fraud.
The map-of-the-U.S. graphic from the Epoch Times website, in my opinion, accurately reflects the current status of the states won. Georgia is currently undergoing a hand recount of the paper ballots; Wisconsin will begin a recount soon. The vote tallies in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are under legal challenge by the Trump campaign.
Let's take a look at those states, one by one (as of Friday, Nov. 13:)
Current unofficial vote totals: Trump - 2,457,920; Biden - 2,472,083.
"Pede's" numbers: Votes switched from Trump to Biden - 17,407; "Lost votes" - 33,574.
     (remember, I'm allocating 85% of "lost votes" to Trump, 15% to Biden)
Adjusted totals: Trump - 2,503,865 (50.4%); Biden - 2,459,712 (49.6%).
After recount, Trump wins (16 electoral votes).
But it's still close. Detecting and removing fake ballots would be of help here.
Current unofficial vote totals: Trump - 1,610,030; Biden - 1,630,570.
"Pede's" numbers: Votes switched from Trump to Biden - 2,078; "Lost votes" - 3,408.
Adjusted totals: Trump - 1,615,005 (49.8%); Biden - 1,629,003 (50.2%).
After recount, Biden wins (10 electoral votes).
Only if paper-ballot fraud is uncovered (or if the 30,000-plus 4 A.M. "ballot dump" of all-Biden votes on November 4 is electronic, not backed by paper ballots) would Trump be likely to flip Wisconsin.
Current unofficial vote totals: Trump - 635,089; Biden - 671,955.
"Pede's" numbers: Votes switched from Trump to Biden - 0; "Lost votes" - 0.
Biden wins (6 electoral votes).
Current unofficial vote totals: Trump - 1,657,250; Biden - 1,668,684.
"Pede's" numbers: Votes switched from Trump to Biden - 4,492; "Lost votes" - 0.
Adjusted totals: Trump - 1,661,742 (49.97%); Biden - 1,664,192 (50.03%).
Too close to call. truly deserving of a recount.
Current unofficial vote totals: Trump - 2,664,525; Biden - 2,790,648.
"Pede's" numbers: Votes switched from Trump to Biden - 20,213; "Lost votes" - 21,882.
Adjusted totals: Trump - 2,703,298 (49.4%); Biden - 2,773,717 (50.6%).
Biden wins (16 electoral votes).
Correcting for electronic fraud alone will not flip Michigan to Trump. However, there is plenty of visual, statistical, and witness evidence of massive paper ballot fraud, including the humongous 130,000-plus "dump" of all-Biden votes at 4 A.M. on November 4. (Like Wisconsin, that "dump" might be electronic, not paper ballots - 'Pede's" analysis strategem doesn't detect that.) Certainly, aggressive action by the Trump Team is warranted to expose all of that fraud as much as is possible, and in my opinion a recount should be mandatory.
Without Pennsylvania and Arizona, Trump has 248 electoral votes, Biden has 259. 
Now we come to the Big Kahuna.
Current unofficial vote totals: Trump - 3,344,150; Biden - 3,404,207.
"Pede's" numbers: Votes switched, Trump to Biden - 220,883; "Lost votes" - 941,248.
Adjusted totals: Trump - 4,365,094 (56.8%); Biden - 3,324,511 (43.2%).
Trump wins (20 electoral votes)
With Arizona too close to call, Trump has 268 electoral votes, Biden has 259.
To win the presidency, Trump will need to have a recount in Pennsylvania, or a Supreme Court decision invalidating the late-arrival mail-in ballots there, and flip Michigan (best bet) or Wisconsin or have a recount in Arizona that he wins.
Nick Chase is a retired but still very active writer, editor and webmaster, and records classical music concerts for radio broadcast. You can read more of his work on the American Thinker website and at contrariansview.org.
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